Iran: Not Just Israel’s Problem

Amir Taheri writes:

The way Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells it, the Islamic Republic is well on the way to establishing itself as “the leader of the Muslim world” in what he describes as “the coming clash of civilizations.” In a speech in Teheran last Sunday, Ahmadinejad claimed that the Islamic Republic had already won the first round against “arrogant Crusader-Zionist powers” led by the U.S. One sign of that victory, according to Ahmadinejad, is the decision by the EU trio of Britain, Germany, and France to resume negotiations on the Iranian nuclear dossier. The trio had walked out of the talks five months ago and stated it would not return until Iran stopped uranium processing at a plant in Isfahan. Well, Iran did not stop, and the Europeans returned to the negotiating table. “The Europeans have returned with their tails between their legs,” says Shariat Madari, editor of the daily Kayhan.

Folks, we should be alarmed that our enemies think they are winning this world war…

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