Iran Moves to Stop “Immoral Behavior”

From the “What a Joke” department, via Der Spiegel.

Iran’s feared moral police, founded by Islamic revolution leader Ayatollah Khomeini, are to be strengthened with 50 more patrol groups.

They will be equipped with police cars from Germany that should allow the mullahs to monitor “un-Islamic behavior” more closely.

Women that show too much hair peeking from their headscarf or wear figure-defining clothing face a fine of around 300 euros – roughly a month’s salary for a teacher – or ten days in jail.

Taxi drivers that pick up such fashion sinners also face punishment.

The expanded patrols are also to crack down on pop music in public, and dog owners will be banned from walking their pets in city parks.

How blessed are those of us who were born in free and democratic countries like Israel and the United States.

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