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Iran incursion into Iraq, why is the media silent?

An excellent article written by Debbie of The Right Truth, featured on Dhimmitude News Network. A must-read:

I think it’s worth noting that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announce they are going to Iran on the same day that Iranians invade Iraq. Sounds just a little too convenient for me. I reported yesterday that the British “have hard proof that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have crossed the border.”

The Sun said that radar sightings of Iranian helicopters crossing into the Iraqi desert were confirmed to it by very senior military sources. (source)

Elements of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are now openly operating in Southern Iraq. This marks a major change … For the first time openly violating the international border in numbers … And the media is silent. Why? I really want to know. Do they not believe the British? Why is this so hard to believe? We have heard for months or longer from our own military generals in Iraq, that Iranian military and weapons have been found in Iraq. Our own military have captured high-ranking Iranian military agents in Iraq. So why the silence?

Hot Air is suggesting that the story of Iranians crossing the Iraqi border may be a hoax. Trust me, this information is TRUE. Even LGF is questioning the validity of the story.

Smooth Stone reminds us of this Times Online report:

A British Royal Navy helicopter that crashed in flames in Basra last year, killing all five on board, was shot down by a sophisticated surface-to-air missile supplied to Iraqi militants by Iran, according to U.S. officials. Three days before the attack, State Department officials interviewed an Iraqi linked to the Mahdi Army who told them Iran had supplied the militia with the Russian surface-to-air missile.

Atlas Shrugs reports, “Moreover, this may be coordinated with actions by Venezuela and Russia Breibart hat tip CSHW.”

Ace of Spades, “That famous “moral clarity” of the Bush Administration seems to have been misplaced at some point.”

Many believe we shouldn’t make Iran out to be the bad guy, that they are not really a threat to us. Here

Stolen Muslim land is supposedly what drives the hatred of Indonesia-based extremist network Jemaah Islamiah and the rest of the Muslim world. I don’t buy it.
The Merry Widow has Biblical background on the Middle East situation.

Everything is Israel or America’s fault. Here, and here, here, here, partially herel, surprisingly here, here.

On the latest Sharm el-Sheikh meeting, TIME says:

… Arab-Israeli summit is that the Arabs, at least, aren’t feeling that they got what they wanted or needed from Israel. [snip]Olmert did in fact announce that Israel would begin releasing a good portion of the $700 million in withheld tax revenues that Abbas insists Israel owes the Palestinian Authority. Olmert also said he’d seek cabinet approval for the release of 250 Palestinian prisoners who don’t have Jewish blood on their hands. That is an important concession, given that Olmert previously suggested that Israel would not free Palestinians while Hamas continues to hold corporal Gilad Shalit.

More on Sharm cl-Sheikh:

Bluntly put, Israel and the U.S. on the one hand, and the Arab regimes and Fatah on the other, want very different outcomes in the Palestinian territories, and bringing them together in this way only highlights those differences. (Rootless Cosmopolitan)

Is this what you want for your daughter’s future? If we don’t win this war and take the Islamic jihadists seriously, it could be:

If you’re a single female, you’re public property., Dr. Zakir Naik’s Lessons In Logic, at Sugiero.

But the Democrats are more concerned with putting a surcharge on American people who have been successful. (John’s Conservative Thoughts and Washington Post)

We have modern day (Islamic) pirates, hijacking cargo ships. The MV Danica White and its five Danish crew members were “hijacked by Somali pirates earlier this month” and have “run out of food and fresh water at sea, a Kenyan maritime official said today.” (The Australian) Gates of Vienna:

Now Reuters puts forth what has become the standard MSM refrain about Somalia since Ethiopia and the United States collaborated to push out the Islamists last winter:

Such attacks have increased since a Somali Islamist movement that brought a semblance of order for six months was ousted in January.

Relations between the United States and Serbia are worsening because of U.S. support for the independence of Kosovo.

President Hugo Chavez urged Venezuelan soldiers on Sunday to prepare for a guerrilla-style war against the United States. (Chron.com)

Powerline shares: “The Hill reports on the growing number of Congressional Democrats who are willing to say out loud that they want to abandon Afghanistan to the terrorists.”Don’t forget about North Korea:

North Korea has finally received the $25 million frozen in Macao’s Banco Delta Asia that it “demanded” prior to its following through on the February 13th agreement to dismantle the Yongbyon nuclear plant. (DeMediacratic Nation)

Back to the United States and the media. Heaven forbid that another white girl go missing, or another pregnant woman be found dead, or Paris Hilton get another DWI, because it seems THAT is all the media is interested in. Well, when they aren’t talking about VP Dick Cheney, or Bush-Hitler.

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Written by Debbie Hamilton – Visit Website

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