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Iran calls Harry Potter a ‘Zionist plot’

You know, I have to laugh out loud at how utterly stupid, ignorant, uneducated and moronic our enemies are. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t want to have a smart enemy if you’re going to be so unfortunate as to have an enemy, and right now the civilized world has an enemy. So if we’re going to have to have an enemy, you want a dumbass enemy – and that’s what we got. Civilization’s enemy is stupid enough to believe in a heaven where one only speaks Arabic and where if you kill people, you get to break the hymens of 72 virgins. You can’t get more ano-god than that. What is ano-god? It means “without god”. Yeah, I made it up, based on the Latin root of Anencephaly, which is a fatal birth defect characterized by the absence of all or part of the brain – and it’s a very fitting description. Now you gotta laugh at what our stupid, ignorant enemy contrived now; an Iranian newspaper affiliated with the nation’s top religious authority claimed this week that the Harry Potter series of children’s adventure books is a Zionist plot to distract young people. The headline of the Kayhan newspaper article referred to Harry Potter, which was created by a British author with no known ties to Israel, as a “billion-dollar Zionist project.” I mean, you have to laugh out loud at the utter stupidity of Muslim fanatics.

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