The Involvement of Saudi Nationals in Terrorist Activity

It’s not like we didn’t know this, considering that 14 of the 19 Muslims who attacked the United States on September 11th, were, in fact, Saudis. From The Involvement of Saudi Nationals in Terrorist Activity:

A public debate has emerged in Saudi Arabia regarding the involvement of Saudi nationals in terrorist activities throughout the world. The Lebanese news agency Al-Markaziyya reported, citing a diplomatic source, that Saudi Arabia had demanded that Syria round up the 980 Saudi al-Qaeda members currently at a refugee camp in Syria, and hand them over to Saudi authorities as a precondition for any negotiations between the two countries. 73 Saudis are imprisoned in Jordan.

There are also reports of Saudi involvement in terrorist activities in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon. According to Lebanese security apparatuses, Saudi nationals constitute 30% of the members of Fath al-Islam. Saudi Maj.-Gen. ‘Abd al-Karim Khalaf told the Saudi daily Al-Watan that 70 Saudi nationals had been arrested in Iraq. He added, “The majority of those arrested acknowledged during interrogation that they had come to Iraq following fatwas issued by ‘ulama calling for armed activities there.”