International Day of Action

Come and stand in solidarity for Gilad Shalit (kidnapped 25 June 2006), Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev (kidnapped 12 July 2006).6.30pm – 7.30pm outside Syrian Embassy, 8 Belgrave Square SW1, Westminster, London.Also for Ron Arad, Zachary Baumel, Yehuda Katz, Zvi Feldman, Guy Hever who have been missing far longer. If their names are not as familiar to you, it is because the media and the international community have allowed them to virtually disappear into oblivion. For their families, not knowing what happened to their loved ones is a daily nightmare. Zachary, Zvi and Yehuda have been missing for 9761 days! On October 16 2007 Ron Arad will have been missing for 21 years! Guy disappeared without trace on 17 August 1997 on his way back to his unit in the Golan Heights.Many governments were active in securing a happy ending for BBC reporter Alan Johnston after 114 days in captivity. But when it comes to the missing Israelis, the silence is deafening. But WE have not forgotten them.

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