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The international community’s double standard

When Jews shoot at Palestinians in defense against Palestinians who throw lethal stones at Jews in order to satisfy their hunger for Jewish blood and sinew, there is grotesque international outrage. Because, let’s face it, as far as the international community is concerned, a Jew’s life has no value. But when a Palestinian shoots at another Palestinian when no provocation exists, the international community hides their heads in the sand. Let’s face it. Arabs are scary people and do not take well to criticism, so its best to just ignore their barbaric behavior and continue to diaper and bottle-feed them. That way, the world can proceed with their mindless vapid consumerism and socialist godlessness. Here’s another example of the silence from the international community and the double standard when it comes to Jews. From JPost:

Hamas security forces on Monday opened fire at a mass rally commemorating the death of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, violently dispersing close to 250,000 people who had gathered in the largest public display of support for the rival Fatah movement since Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June.

Six civilians were killed and at least 85 people were wounded, hospitals and witnesses said. Among the critically wounded was a Hamas policeman who was shot in the head. Hamas security officials said they fired toward protesters who threw stones at security compounds. Hamas police were positioned on rooftops around Gaza City, and protesters were seen running for cover at street corners. Smoke was rising around the edges of the rally court yard, but thousands of supporters still milled around, as firing was heard from around the rally. Eyewitnesses said Hamas gunmen roamed the streets later and started detaining protesters. Hamas said one of the dead was killed by Fatah gunmen who had fired from rooftops, but that could not be confirmed. A Fatah official said the person, a Fatah supporter, was shot on his way to the rally by a racing car, accusing Hamas of the shooting. Hamas said five of its policemen were injured, one seriously, and accused Fatah gunmen.

I have not heard of any international outrage or protest against Hamas, have you?

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