Insepid paranoia

The Israeli High Court on Monday asked the government to ask the PA to “assume responsibility” for several synagogues left in the Gaza Strip’s evacuated Jewish settlements. The religious establishment argued that the destruction of the synagogues, the last remaining standing buildings in the vacated Jewish settlements, would undermine the safety of synagogues around the world.

However, PA foreign ministry official Abdullah Abdullah said any synagogue remaining in Gaza after the Israeli withdrawal would be used as a “pretext” to retain a foothold. “We feel the Israelis are trying to entrap us by leaving these places intact and then tell the world ‘look, the Palestinians are destroying Jewish holy places,” he told

Folks, palestinians do destroy Jewish holy places. The Arab claim that each and every Jewish Holy Place is rightfully theirs has become quite common and accepted by the western media. First Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, then Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs, and on to the Tomb of Joseph (Nablus), Ramat Rachel and more.

The Israeli and American submission, or dhimmiti, to Islam is obvious to everyone. We tiptoe around their shrines and mosques like scared little girls. Until we stop “battling insurgents”, fighting “foreign entities”, or “confronting the Saddam loyalists”, and get on to the real order of business and naming the enemy – Islam – we are bound to remain on the losing side of this spiritual battle.

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