Infidels, Wake Up and Smell the Murderers

March 11, 2004, now holds its place in the history of infamy next to September 11, 2001, brought to you by Islam, the “religion of peace”. “Religion of Peace”. What a bunch of crap.

There. We said it. WHAT CRAP.

We are being told to shut up, watch our words, roll over, dummy down, and get a prayer rug by every damned Muslim group in America and around the world, and we’re damned sick of it.

It’s high time to stop kowtowing to these vermin who haven’t contributed ANYTHING to civilization except how to exact revenge on an enemy for some event that happened in the 12th century. That’s the extent of their contributions and we’re being generous.

Islam has never ever evolved. It is a subversive organization. Ask the Hindus. Muslims have been trying to kill Hindus for a thousand years. And Israel had nothing to do with it then, either.

And, folks, the US is going to get hit again. And then, when we see our train tracks bloodied with brains, stomach contents, eyeballs dangling out of sockets, armless and legless men, women, and children – are we going to blame it on America’s foreign policy then also, like the left-wing liberal scum in our own country did, right after September 11th?

Remember how the libs ran out to get copies of the koran in order to embrace the Arab community? Remember what the libs said after 9-11? They said, “if only we weren’t such a mean spirited nation, the nice arabs wouldn’t have done this to us.” The libs all ran out and bought the koran. They all went to embrace this fake religion. They said, “Bush was a wild cowboy.” Do you remember folks?

Well, it’s time to remember.

The Tolerance for Terrorists has got to stop. Ultra tolerance is killing us, it’s killing Spain, it’s killing Israel.

The meltdown of our society is concommitant with the invasion of our nation. It’s the ACLU, it’s the National Lawyers Guild and it’s every radical left-wing liberal in this nation.

Did you hear what Kerry said, that coward? He wants to go back to police action against terrorism in this nation, instead of military action. If ever there was an argument against John Kerry, it is what happened today, in Madrid. Kerry is a coward.

It’s the enemy within our own country that is going to assist Muslims in killing the rest of us. Don’t let Kerry, the media, some Hollywood actors and untalented comedians tell us how our President should defend us in war.

Folks, watch the media spin this by tomorrow. Tomorrow we will once again hear about gay marriages, Martha Stuart, and hockey players breaking their necks. They will make the terrorists “victims”; they will tell us why we deserve the rage of third world street thugs.

FIGHT BACK FOLKS!! Remind the enemies from within what we are facing. Educate yourselves. Arm yourselves. Do research. Use this site to search on historical events you are unclear about. Corroborate what you read here with other research sites. Start talking again about WTC, 9-11, and the people jumping to their deaths and how you felt that day. Talk about the Bali bombings, the first WTC attack, Lockerbie, Israel’s suffering, the El Al hijackings, Arafat’s gall, how Saddam’s sons tortured thousands of people. Talk about all that. And don’t dare let anyone blame this on Israel.

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