Indian premier calls for end to killing of unborn girls

The abortion rate in the US is just as wreckless, but is life respected by any third world country? Via Breitbart:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on parents in India to stop seeing girls as an economic liability and to end the practice of killing unborn female foetuses.

Singh’s appeal on India’s 59th Independence Day came four days after the grisly discovery of 25 female foetuses from a private clinic in northern Punjab state, which has the country’s lowest sex ratio due to rampant female foeticide.

We must end the crime of female foeticide. We must eliminate gender disparity,” Singh said in an address to the nation.

“We have a dream of an India in which every woman can feel safe, secure and empowered. Where our mothers, sisters and daughters are assured a life of dignity and personal security,” he added.

Centuries of tradition also demand that couples produce at least one male child to carry on the family name.

Many grooms demand dowry well beyond the means of families of their spouse — demands which often result in the killing of newly-married women.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, India in 2004 posted 19 dowry-related deaths every day but women’s organisations say the actual figure is 10 times higher.

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