IN MEMORIAM by Dovid Ben-Gurion.

“Let us stand silent in memory of our dearly beloved sons and daughters who gave their lives for the liberation of our homeland and the security of our people. They gave all they had. They poured out their lifeblood for the freedom of Israel, even as the living waters quench the thirst of the arid soil. Not in monuments of stone or wood shall their memory be preserved but in the reverence and pride which will fill the hearts of our people till the end of time when their memory is recalled.

Our hearts are filled to overflowing with praise and thanksgiving to the Rock of Israel. But let us not delude ourselves that our work is finished. We are still at the beginning. The road stretching ahead is long and hard, and there are still many obstacles in our way …… The sword is still girded round our loins; let us not boast as men who have taken it off.

On our festive day let us review in joy and thanksgiving the mighty deeds of the past, and let us resolve to apply ourselves with all our might and all our heart to the new efforts of the future.”

Spoken on Israel’s Independence Day , 1949.

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