In the Arab Mind, Peace Equals Capitulation

From In the Arab Mind, Peace Equals Capitulation:

As hard as it is for us to comprehend, we must accept that in the Arab mind, peace with Israel – far from success – still represents capitulation, humiliation and defeat.

The Arab-Israeli peace that is a shining prize in Western eyes would be a source of shame and mourning for much of the Muslim world.

In Western eyes, peace is so obviously desirable that the idea that it could be seen negatively is rarely considered. But try, for a moment, to look at the situation through Arab eyes. Peace would be the ultimate ratification of Israel’s existence. It would be seen as an abject surrender to the West’s bid to dominate the Arabs.

The most pro-peace policy is the one that most convinces the Arabs of Israel’s permanence. When it comes to a “political horizon,” the problem is not that the Arabs cannot see a Palestinian state, but that they can see a Jewish one.

The Arab world will settle for a Palestinian state only when it is convinced of the permanence of Israel.

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