In the 20th century …

– Muslim Turkey expelled approximately 1,500,000 Greeks from its empire in the east and replaced them with Turks. They have massacred approximately 2 million Armenians and replaced them with Turks in the west.

– Muslim Turkey invaded and occupied northern Cyprus, displacing the Greeks living there.

– Muslim northern Sudan conquered much of southern Sudan, literally enslaving its Christian and pagan population.

– Indonesian imperialism occupied all of non-Islamic western New Guinea and incorporated into Indonesia.

– Muslim Indonesia invaded and conquered Christian East Timor with horrible loss of life.

– Muslim Indonesia is still attempting to destroy Christianity in what used to be called the Celebes.

– A half-dozen Arab countries have fought two to four wars (depending how you count) in an attempt to destroy Israel and occupy its territory, and is currently continuing the attempt this very day with the publicly voted consent of 55 of the world’s 57 Islamic nations.

– For no good reason, Muslim Libya has blown up western aircraft, killing many civilians.

– Muslim Iraq, in an imperialist war of aggression, invaded and occupied Muslim Kuwait.

– Muslim Iraq, in an imperialist act of aggression, invaded Muslim Iran with a resulting (some estimates say) death of 2 million people.

– Muslim Albania, this very minute, is attempting to enlarge its borders at Christian Macedonia’s expense.

– Muslim Northern Nigeria has been (and is currently) an aggressor against the Christian south.

– Muslims expelled approximately 800,000 Jews from their homelands between 1947 and 1955.

– During Jordan’s occupation of the West Bank, the kingdom undertook an unsuccessful attempt to make Jerusalem a Muslim city by forcing out approximately 10,000 Christian inhabitants.

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