Implementation of the Disengagement Plan 2005

In accordance with article 22A of the “Implementation of the Disengagement Plan 2005” the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense have ordered that today, August 17th, 2005, the evacuation of the residents of the Gaza Strip will commence.

In accordance with Isaiah, chapter 38: “Even when the sword is against a person’s throat, he should not despair.”

Even in the face of uncertainty the dream of return lives on. It might take years or even decades to achieve, but of one thing we can all be sure: The Jewish people will eventually bounce back from this fiasco, just as we have throughout the millennia.

Have hope.  Remember how the children of Gush Etzion returned to their homes after the Six Day War in 1967, 19 years after they were driven out in 1948 when Gush Etzion fell to the Jordanians.

The children of Gush Katif, too, will return one day.

And soon enough, the sand dunes of Gaza and the hills of northern Samaria will once again most assuredly be ours.