Imminent suicide bombing thwarted

[Provided by IDF Spokesperson’s Office]

The attack, involving a 16 year-old bomber, was to be carried out in the coming days

This morning security forces operating in Nablus arrested two wanted Tanzim terrorists who in the past few days were involved in efforts to dispatch a suicide bomber into Israel. Following their arrest, Yusef Yusef Abed Al Khader Sahli (21) and Darwish Nimer Darwish Shafi (24) gave security forces the location of two explosive belts which were hidden in their apartment. This arrest prevented a deadly suicide bombing within Israel which was planned for execution in the coming days.

The two men’s intents were revealed due to a number of arrests conducted recently. Samah Tsufan, arrested in December 2006, told questioners that Yusef Sahli had asked him to recruit a suicide bomber. Tsufan recruited 16 year-old Samer Janajra. Janajra was brought in for questioning and told questioners that he had spoken with Sahli and Shafi and had agreed to their request to carry out the bombing. Other operatives arrested recently revealed that Salah and Shafi were actively attempting to procure explosive belts. Janajra was meant to infiltrate Israel via the city of Tulkarm.

Sahli and Shafi are part of the Tanzim infrastructure in Balata, one of most active terror groups in the West Bank today whose members operate ceaselessly in order to carry out bombing attacks in the Israeli home front. The group is also involved in many shooting attacks and bombing attacks in the region. Sahli and Shafi were also being directed by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Two other men arrested in the operation are Haled Halal Muhammad Abu Hammad (20) and Mahmud Salah Mahmud Maher (23), both involved in Shafi and Salah’s terror activity.

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