I’m sorry, but did you just ask me if I feel bad?

Pardon me, but for a moment there, I thought you asked me how I feel now that I have heard that Chechen “rebel” leader Aslan Maskhadov, whom Russian officials claim was a key figure behind last year’s school hostage crisis and other deadly terrorist acts, has been killed.

One report said Maskhadov was killed accidentally by his bodyguards.

I’m sorry, but I recollect that Russian officials consistently have alleged Maskhadov was connected to terrorist attacks such as the school seizure which was composed of a three-day siege of a Russian school by Islamic terrorists – which has resulted in more than 200 dead and 700 injured.

It is becoming apparent that the operation closely followed the terror roadmap laid out in issue 10 of A*l B*att*ar, al-Qaida’s online training manual.

Maskhadov was also involved in the 2002 seizure of 800 hostages at a Moscow theater.

Oh and as for your answer to your question. No, I don’t feel bad for Maskhadov at all.

You must weigh things morally, dear readers, weigh things morally.

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