Another misanthrope

I’m not dumb and far be it for me to think that I am above average in cognitive processing, but I will concede that I am at a loss why as London defends itself against heinous islamic behavior, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone defends it. Via Yahoo UK Ireland:

London Mayor Ken Livingstone called on Britons Saturday not to demonize Muslims after a double car bomb plot was foiled in the capital, amid fears of a Islamist terror threat. “In this city, Muslims are more likely to be law-abiding than non-Muslims and less likely to support the use of violence to achieve political ends than non-Muslims,” he told BBC Radio.”They have played a good and active and growing role in creating a multi-cultural society,” he added.

Shyeah, riiiight, Muslims are real advocates of multi-cultural diversity. What a joke. Now, I’m waiting for the inevitable: for the Jew-hating Brits to blame islamic terrorism on Israel. Of course, any kind of enlightenment or learning is unacceptable and is a threat to the darkness and ignorance that Londonistan thrives on. Too bad, though, because the last thing islamic extremists can tolerate is a population of thinking, educated people.

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