“I’m here to convert you”

This may be useful, along with this list of Ed Koch and other links that would make those of my co-religionists who are still voting for FDR/DemocRATic/Kerry feel a little warmer and fuzzier about voting for George Bush:

Ed Koch’s opening statements of the GOP convention:

“I know what you’re thinking, what’s Ed Koch doing at the republican national convention. Me,”; he said “Why am I here? I’m here to convert you. This year I’m voting for the re-election of president George W. Bush.

Bolting for Bush – The Forward

Bush vs. Kerry on Israel – NewsMax

Ed Koch: Bush Haters Should be ‘Horsewhipped’ – NewsMax

Ed Koch: I’m voting for Bush – World Net Daily

Why Bush Must Be Re-elected – Free Republic

I’ve Been Branded a “Turncoat” (Ed Koch On the Anti-Semitism of the Left) – Free Republic

Jews must reward Bush for stance on Israel – Jewish World Review

Ed Koch: George Bush has convinced me – GeorgeWBush.com

Democrat Ed Koch on “Why Bush Must Win” – GeorgeWBush.com

NEWSMAX (26 Oct): Koch Boosts Cheney in Florida

Go Ed!

I’m here to convert you

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