I’m baaaacck!

Hi folks! We’ve returned from our family simcha [celebration] and it was wonderful. A warm thank you to those of you who wrote with warm wishes for a great time, which was had by all.

While we were away, I had the opportunity to read the NYT’s despicable op-ed piece, on Friday March 10, entitled Israel’s Tragedy Fortold, which argued that Israel had no legal right to the West Bank and thus were occupiers. Of course, the author of the commentary had a Jewish name of Gershom Gorenberg. I was disgusted, not only by Gorenberg’s mutated point of view, but by the NY Time’s obvious ploy to ensure that a Jew with a prominent Jewish name was the author of the editorial.

Click here to read Ted Belman’s [0f Israpundit.com] post which puts the lie to Gorenberg’s position.

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