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Illegal immigrant, Muslim from Lebanon, worked for FBI, CIA, stole info, passed it to Hizballah

How social engineering skills plus a Koran get Jews and Americans killed. Via Jihad Watch:

Whew. This story has everything: an illegal immigration angle, a Keystone Kops angle, an espionage angle, a moderate-Muslims-condemn-terror-or-do-they angle, and more. It would make a great movie. If this kind of thing doesn’t kill us first.

The illegal immigration angle is of course that illegal immigration is a national security issue, and that illegal immigrants have no business working for the FBI and the CIA. That in turn leads to the Keystone Kops angle: what on earth was the FBI and the CIA thinking, giving this woman key jobs? Of course, no one would dream of asking Nada Nadim Prouty or anyone like her sensitive questions about where they stand on the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism. Why, you’re automatically a bigot just for thinking that such questions should be asked. But when you don’t ask, of course, and make no effort to investigate in any other way, you don’t get answers.

The espionage angle: why did the FBI and CIA, clueless again, give her access to sensitive information? And of course finally there is the moderate-Muslims-condemn-terror-or-do-they angle: the FBI and CIA people who hired her were probably avid to get Muslims on staff so that they wouldn’t appear anti-Muslim, and she no doubt had pluperfect bona fides as a moderate. If she was then funnelling information to Hizballah, it only underscores the fact that there is no reliable way to distinguish a peaceful Muslim who rejects today’s jihad from one who subscribes to that jihad.

There is also the Arab American Institute link: last week I wrote about La Shish, the restaurant chain owned by Prouty’s brother, who has fled the country to escape indictment for evading taxes and sending the restaurant money to Hizballah (to the tune of $20 million). La Shish was one of the sponsors, despite this indictment, of the AAI’s recent conference, where Democratic presidential candidates and Ron Paul were falling all over themselves to condemn “racial profiling” — anti-terror efforts be damned — and grovel for the Arab vote. And now here comes yet more evidence of just whom they were groveling before.

“U.S. prosecutors: Illegal immigrant worked for FBI, CIA, stole info: Woman was sister-in-law of fugitive La Shish restaurant owner, stole info on investigation,” by David Ashenfelter for the Detroit Free Press (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

The sister-in-law of the indicted fugitive owner of the La Shish restaurant chain got sensitive jobs at the FBI and CIA, despite being an illegal immigrant, federal prosecutors said in court documents unsealed today in Detroit.

The woman, Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, of Vienna, Va., also tapped into a sensitive FBI computer to find out what federal investigators knew about her, La Shish restaurant owner Talal Chahine, and her sister, who is married to Chahine.

Prosecutors said she took an unknown quantity of classified information home with her. It’s unclear what happened, or what she did with the information, prosecutors said. The information pertained to a federal investigation of Chahine and his possible involvement with Hizballah, which has been declared a terrorist organization by the U.S State Department….

It may be unclear what she did with the classified information that she took home, but here’s a clue, from “Former FBI Agent Accused Of Leaking Info,” from CBS News (thanks again to Jeffrey Imm):

A woman who previously worked as an FBI agent and a CIA analyst is expected to plead guilty to charges she disclosed unauthorized information to people outside the government, CBS News has learned.

Sources say the woman, from Lebanon, entered the United States on a student visa and earned citizenship through a sham marriage.

While officials say there is no evidence of actual espionage and no evidence that she was working as a spy, she is accused of passing information to sympathizers of Hezbollah, a group the US has labeled a terrorist organization.

Some useful information comes also from “Prosecutors: LaShish owner’s sister-in-law infiltrated CIA, FBI,” by Paul Egan for The Detroit News (thanks yet again to Jeffrey Imm):

DETROIT — An illegal alien with links to Hezbollah penetrated the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI, federal prosecutors in Detroit said today.

Nada Nadim Prouty, 37, of Vienna, Va., a sister-in-law of fugitive LaShish Restaurants owner Talal Chahine, pleaded guilty in federal court today to conspiracy to defraud the United States, unauthorized computer access, and naturalization fraud.

According to an information unsealed today, Lebanese-born Prouty gained U.S. citizenship in 1994 through a fraudulent marriage, joined the FBI’s Washington Field Office as special agent in 1999 and joined the CIA in June, 2003.

She resigned her CIA post, described as “mid-level,” last week, officials said.

Feel safer?

Here is the USDOJ document on this Muslim menace.

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