If you see something, say something

For those who don’t know, the Islamic propaganda machine and its supporters get off on iconoclastic phraseology, symbols, numbers, anniversaries, and other superstitions. Yesterday, on one of Jihad Watch’s threads about the Bombay train bombing massacre by Muslim barbarians, a poster wrote the following informative note:

Incidentally, an Indian friend has pointed out that August 7, 2006 or 7-8-6 is a date to watch, because 786 reads like Allah in Arabic. Muslims in the subcontinent and ME use this number wherever they can. They believe it’s their lucky number.

Note also that numerical representations of month and day are in swapped positions in other regions of the world compared to how we represent dates in this country. My point? If you see something, say something. There is no telling what these barbarians will be up to next.

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