If you do not already, you must boycott the NY Slimes

Via Lime Shurbet via Michelle.

I think it is way past time that we follow Kos’ lead and “starve the story of oxygen” – by that I mean starve the NY Times of the one thing it needs to survive: money.

Michelle has details and reader reactions.

It’s time to call for a national boycott of all NY Times advertisers.It’s time for bloggers to stop linking to the NY Times.It’s time to call for all responsible and patriotic Americans to drop their NY Times subscriptions (Natalie Maines can keep hers).It’s time to call for the prosecution of all NY Times employees and sources involved in leaking the classified information.

It’s time for this administration to draw a line – here and no further. Treason will be prosecuted and if this isn’t treason, I don’t know what is.

Feel free to copy the Boycott the NY Times graphic on my sidebar, which I copied from Lime Shurbet.

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