If Not Islamofascism. . .What name to give?

From Muslims Against Sharia via Front Page Magazine:

Let us now have a brief look at what Muslims have brought to the West. In November 2005, Muslim youths in France rioted and vandalized cars, homes and properties for weeks, leading to even death of an elderly man. Some 100,000 cars were vandalized or set on fire by French Muslim rioters and vandals in one year. Taking cues from their French brethren in action, Muslims in Belgium took it up on them to spread the Intifada in Brussels at the time.

Muslims in Netherlands engaged in similar Intifada by rioting and setting cars on fire for more than a week since October 14, protesting the death of a young Muslim, who was shot dead as he started stabbing two policewomen entering a police station in Amsterdam. The two policemen, critically wounded, narrowly escaped death.

At the same time, Turkish immigrants engaged in vandalism of Armenian properties and attacking Armenians in Brussels, protesting the U.S. initiative for recognizing the Turkish genocide of the Armenians. This was followed by another round of riots, attacking buses and trams and destroying cars and shops, in Brussels’s Turkish quarters over the rising tensions between Turkey and Kurdish rebels along Iraqi borders.

Such riots and vandalism are becoming increasingly common across Europe in areas with high density of Muslims. Muslims have been creating more and more ghettos ridden with violence and crimes, which have become no-go zones for non-Muslim Europeans, even for the police. If a non-Muslim girl happens to stray in those ghettos, there is a high possibility that she will come out raped.

To these should be added the murder of Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh, for making a film on the mistreatment of Muslim women in Islam, the death-warrants and widespread violent demonstrations over publishing Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons in a Danish paper in 2005, and the death-threats and large-scale vandalism over Salman Rushdie’s novel, The Satanic Verses (1989). There are numerous terrorist cells, directly or ideologically allied with the Al-Qaeda in western countries. Apart from the Madrid (March 2004) and London (July 2005) bombings, numerous terrorist plots often against civilian targets have been aborted in Europe, Australia, Canada and the U.S. The law enforcement agencies are watching 5000 Muslims for terrorist activities in Britain and 2000 in Australia ? a phenomenon which extends across all western countries.

The Little Mermaid statue at the entrance of Copenhagen harbour was found found draped in Islamic veil in May, while naked statues across Germany were found found veiled with Islamic garbs in September. These veiling incidents, which are becoming increasingly common across Europe, highlight how Muslims would change the western liberal societies to fit Islamic life-style and culture. When Muslims cannot tolerate lifeless statues in their natural state, how long will they tolerate the liberally (scantily) dressed real women walk on the streets of Europe?

What should one call these activities brought to the West exclusively by Muslim immigrants? Whatever name you give, these are all acts and signs of fascism with no doubt. Other immigrants, such as the Chinese or the Hindus, have not brought the same troubles. Muslims differ from them only in their religion. If any logical or sensible name is to be given to this brand of fascism, it got to be Islamofascism or Muslim fascism. Islamofascism associates it with a strain of radical thoughts within the ideology of Islam, while Muslim fascism obviously lumps all Muslims together. When Islamofascism is unacceptable, Muslim fascism is going to be even less acceptable to Muslims and their leftist allies.

You give it a name or not, there is no doubt that a brand of fascism, brought by Muslim immigrants, has been spreading across western nations with increasing intensity. While chatting about these issues with Mr. Jamal Hasan, a coeditor of Beyond Jihad – Critical Voices from Inside Islam, he told me: “Have you considered what would have transpired if Salman Rushdie’s novel or Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons were published after a few decades, when Muslims are projected to become the dominant population in Europe?” One agrees or not, this is one single issue, all westerners, the liberal-left in particular, should be most concerned about.

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