IDF nabs palestinian barbarians enroute to blow up school

IDF nabs suicide bombers, from Arafat’s force, enroute to blow up school

Wednesday morning Israelis were told via the media of a “hot” terror alert, the most urgent of 42 warnings of impending attacks. Road blocks were set up around northern Israel. Highways were closed, traffic was clogged.

Hundreds of members of security forces, including Shin Bet (Israel’s equivalent of the FBI), elite army special forces and a police anti-terrorism SWAT unit pursued the bombers and at 2 pm, an Israeli army unit surrounded the mosque in the village of Bardaleh, near Jenin in northern Samaria. 20 people were inside at the time. Following a siege, the terrorists surrendered, leading forces to the bomb belt, ready for use, they had concealed inside the mosque. The terrorists, Munir Shkadeh Mohammed Rabiah, 23, from Gaza and Morad Zeitoun, 20, from Jenin, are both officers of the Palestinian national security forces, under the exclusive control of Arafat, and told investigators that they had planned to attack the ORT high school in Yokneam, southeast of Haifa.


Folks, mosques are the womb wherein hatred for non-Muslims is seeded, where the bloodlust for the West is nurtured, where TNT belts are manufactured, where mythologies are preached, and where cults of barbarity are born.

Let’s look at the evidence as presented in the article, Arafat’s Suicide Factory by Daniel Pipes December 9, 2001, originally published in the New York Post, excerpts of which are below:

“Every inquiry into Palestinian suicide attacks, and especially Nasra Hassan’s remarkable report in a recent issue of The New Yorker, finds that these do not just happen spontaneously but result from a large and sophisticated infrastructure.

This infrastructure exists for one reason: to make normal men want to die. Because Islamic law prohibits suicide, a suicidal person cannot be recruited to go on a mission. Rather, it is (perversely) necessary to dispatch only those who are not suicidal.

Islamic Jihad, which along with Hamas trains the suicide killers, explains: “We do not take depressed people. If there were a one-in-a-thousand chance that a person was suicidal, we would not allow him to martyr himself. In order to be a martyr bomber, you have to want to live.” The same strange logic applies for Hamas, which rejects anyone “who commits suicide because he hates the world.”

Convincing healthy individuals to blow themselves up is obviously not easy, but requires ideas and institutions. The process begins with the Palestinian Authority (PA) inculcating two things into its population, starting with the children: a hatred of Jews and a love of death. School curricula, camp activities, TV programming and religious indoctrination all portray Israelis in a Nazi-style way, as sub-human being worthy of killing; and then deprecate the instinct for self-preservation, telling impressionable young people that sacrificing their lives is the most noble of all goals.

The system works: Hassan reports that “hordes of young men” clamor to be sent to their own obliteration. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have established a process of selection based in the mosques, where “a notably zealous youth” ready for martyrdom gets noted by clerics who recommend him for selection.

Those who make the cut enter a protracted, highly supervised, and disciplined regimen of spiritual studies and military-like training. These adepts are taught to see suicide operations as a way to “open the door to Paradise” for themselves and their families. “I love martyrdom” says one such “living martyr.”

Just before setting off on an attack, the men engage in exquisitely pious preparations (ablutions, clean clothing, a communal prayer service). Their deaths are celebrated by Hamas or Islamic Jihad by orchestrating a festive funeral celebration (“as if it were a wedding,” Hassan observes) and distributing video cassettes with a statement from beyond the grave. The sponsoring organizations then make sure that the family receives both social kudos and financial rewards.

These facts tell us three things: Militant Islamic suicide killers are not born; they are manufactured. Like the four simultaneous suicide hijackings on Sept. 11, the four nearly simultaneous suicide attacks in Israel last week resulted from long-term planning by sophisticated organizations. They cannot operate clandestinely, but require the permission of a ruling authority, either the Taliban or the PA.

All of which leads to the conclusion that Sharon was right to hold Arafat responsible for the onslaught of suicide attacks on Israelis.

This, in turn, has an implication for the war on terrorism. No less than in Afghanistan, the American goal must be to shut down the suicide factory in the Palestinian areas.”

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