IDF announcements – Warning issued to S Lebanese residents + summary of IDF activities

July 28th 2006

IDF issues warning to residents of southern Lebanese to vacate their homes and move northward

Due to the continuation of terror activity against Israel emanating from southern Lebanon, including the launching of rockets into Israeli territory, the IDF has called upon the Lebanese population in the areas south of the communities listed below to vacate buildings by 10:00 a.m. today and move northward. The warnings were issued through local sources and Arabic language media.

Any vehicle traveling in this area after 10:00 a.m. and any person who chooses not follow this warning is putting his and his family’s safety at risk.

The line of communities is compromised of the following: from Qlaile in the west, through Siddiqine, Sultaniye, Majdel Silim and up to a point west of the village of Houla, near the Israeli-Lebanese border.

This warning was issued in addition to previous warnings, calling for the Lebanese civilian population south to the Litani River to move northward.

The objective of these warning is to minimize the risk to civilians in southern Lebanon, an area used by Hezbollah terrorists who exploit the local population as human shields.

The IDF’s operations are directed solely at the terrorists, and not against the civilian population.

The IDF will continue to use all means at its disposal in order to secure the citizens of Israel against the terror attacks originating from Lebanese territory, and to return the two abducted IDF soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser to their homes safely.

July 28th 2006

Summary of IDF aerial activity in Lebanon in the past 24 hours

In the past 24 hours, more than 110 missiles landed inside Israel. Since July 12th, almost 1,600 missiles have landed in Israel.

The IDF carried out over 180 aerial attacks in Lebanon in the past 24 hours
(8:00 July 27th – 8:00 July 28th), among them:

-A Hezbollah base in the Bekaa valley used by missile launching terror cells responsible for the launching of long-range missiles into Israel.
-57 Hezbollah structures and infrastructure, including tunnels and a gas
-6 missile launchers
-Communication infrastructure serving Hezbollah.

The IDF will continue to use all means at its disposal in order to protect the citizens of Israel and return the abducted IDF soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, to their homes.
July 28th 2006

Summary of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip in past 48 hours

Early this morning IDF ground forces left the area of Sajaiyah in the northern Gaza Strip, where they have been operating for the past 48 hours in order to stop the launching of rockets at Israel and to destroy the terror infrastructure in the region.

In the past two days, IDF forces targeted, both by air and ground, over 100 armed gunmen who attempted to attack them. Since the beginning of the current general operation, approximately 140 armed gunmen were killed by IDF forces.

Early last night, IDF forces thwarted a suicide bombing attempt against them. The forces identified a man carrying an explosives belt approaching them, and opened fire at him. The belt then exploded. During the operation, Palestinians fired a large number of anti-tank missiles against IDF forces. There were no injuries or damage. During the night the IDF targeted four facilities used to store weaponry in
the northern Gaza Strip: three Hamas storage facilities in Khan Yunis, Beit
Lahiya and Sajaiyah; one Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades facility in Beit Hanun.

Prior to the attacks on these terror facilities, in order to ensure the safety of the residents of the Gaza Strip, the IDF warned the population not to stay in structures that are used by terrorist organizations for storing weaponry.

Throughout the operation the IDF has continued to fire land-based an naval artillery at rocket-launching grounds across the Gaza Strip.

The IDF operation is directed solely against the Gaza Strip’s terror infrastructure. The IDF will make every effort in order to prevent civilian casualties, and continues to stress to the civilian Palestinian population that, for their own safety, civilians should stay clear of combat zones.

The IDF will continue to act with determination and to employ all means at its disposal against Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to allow the return of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and to stop terrorist attacks and the launching of rockets at Israel.

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