“I’d rather have a visa to go and live anywhere in Europe than go to Palestine.”

Forgive the usage of the word “Palestine”, folks; the schmucks over at the Globe and Mail-Canada just can’t get over the fact that Palestine does not exist. Neither does Biafra but I never hear them refer to that non-existant nation. Oh well, folks, it’s silly of me to expect anything intelligent from editorialists who pose as journalists, other than more historical revisionism.

In spite of Israel bashers and their lexicon, here’s hoping that Europe implodes from the disease of Palestinianism:

From Time Frays Resolve to Reach Palestine:

The passionate attachment of the Palestinian diaspora to the right of return is changing with time, with the passing of the first generation of refugees and the emergence of a new pragmatism among younger generations, who aren’t necessarily willing to remain living exhibits in the court of international public opinion as Arab governments press their case.

Palestinians in Syria remain an unloved underclass, constantly reminded they don’t belong.

“I’d rather have a visa to go and live anywhere in Europe than go to Palestine,” says Khalid Abu Hashish, 27. “Most of the people my age who live here feel like that.”

That’s good news, Khalid Hashish. Eurabia awaits you!

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