ICJ shares UN anti-Israel bias

Jeff Robbins, former US delegate to the UN Human Rights Commission summarizes the obvious in this article, published in the Boston Globe:

– UN bodies can be counted upon to lay the blame for the conflict on Israel, whatever the issue, whatever the context.

– This is so despite the disturbing evidence – from the events preceding the 1967 war to the Arab spurning of peace with Israel after that war to the Palestinian rejection of an independent Palestinian state on virtually all of the territories when offered in exchange for peace in 2000 – that the conflict is not soluble unless and until the Arab world, including the Palestinian leadership, decides that it is genuinely willing to permit Israel to live in peace.

– This campaign of straightforward terror has been called for, paid for, facilitated, protected, praised, and encouraged by the Palestinian leadership.

– Both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have concluded that these deliberate attacks on civilians constitute ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘war crimes’ – in short, the most egregious forms of human rights violations.

– Predictably, the UN has remained largely silent about them.

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