I was just thinking…

…it seems regressive rather than progressive that, after Jesus, another messenger would come from God, to advocate using the sword….the Muslim government of Khartoum is waging genocide against Christians and Animists in South Sudan. Over 2 million have been killed so far, and thousands of women and children are being sold into slavery. We have yet to see a Muslim country coming to help those victimized people….Muslims claim Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Is it? No concrete scientific evidence has been presented to prove the point. It may well be that perhaps atheism is the fastest growing belief in the world. The total number of followers is not indicative of the validity of the religion. Movements that fall in line with satisfying fleshly desires are usually more popular than those which seek to satisfy the spirit. For example, a party that will feature a performance of belly dancers will most likely attract more people than a prayer meeting.

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