I must be doing something right

I must be doing something right.

Yesterday, the politically depraved Daily Kos linked here and called this site a right-wing swampland.

Today, the politically depraved Israel-bashing site PhilipWeiss [dot] org, edited by Philip Weiss who himself is a Jew, commanded his readers to praise anti Israel writers, like the Israel-bashing journalist Scott Wilson, who was dissected in my post here. Weiss calls Wilson “noble”.

Jews who loathe themselves are deficient. Deficient Jews actually enjoy embracing palestinian arabs and other unevolved cultural groups because it makes them feel better about themselves. Why any human being – a Jew especially – could proclaim his support for an Islamic movement whose goal is to annihilate all the world’s Jews, is hard to answer. It’s shocking to the normal observer, this behavior, that a Jew could take such an anti-Israeli anti-Jewish position. That a Jew like Weiss would, seems all the more astounding – and attention-grabbing.

Philip Weiss says this about himself:

“I know that some Jewish readers will say, [I] care about the opinions of a Palestinian graduate student and an Irish atheist more than [I] do the opinion of [my] coreligionists. They are right.”

Why are we right, Weiss? Why does Philip Weiss frame himself as a “progressive”? Why doesn’t he just wear Elect Palestinian Arabs for President buttons? He should just be honest.

The substance of what Philip Weiss has to say – the conduct of Jews who despise their own people – spans the full spectrum of political depravity.

Paul Bogdanor says that:

There are anti-Zionist Jews who peddle vicious libels about Israel. There are anti-Zionist Jews who compare the Jewish state with Nazi Germany. There are anti-Zionist Jews who support the PLO, Hamas or Hizbullah. There are anti-Zionist Jews who collaborate with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. There are anti-Zionist Jews who defend suicide bombings, anti-Zionist Jews who support the destruction of Israel, and – incredibly – there are even anti-Zionist Jews who advocate measures against other Jews that could plausibly be described as genocidal.

It must be noted, with all due caution, that some anti-Zionists appear to harbor genocidal intentions toward their fellow Jews.

Decades ago Arie Bober, leader of the Israeli communist Matzpen party, boasted of his support for an “Arab revolution” that would either split the Jewish workers from Zionism or slaughter three million Israelis in “another Holocaust.”

Today we can detect similar ideas in the writings of Norman Finkelstein, who has invoked the destruction of Japanese cities in World War II as precedent for holding the Israeli people “accountable for the crimes of the Israeli state”; he also regards hundreds of thousands of Israeli settlers, including pregnant women and helpless invalids, as “legitimate targets for armed resistance.”

Competing in his genocidal frenzy was the Israeli leftist Yigal Tumarkin, a founder of Peace Now, who disclosed: “When I see the black-coated haredim with the children they spawn, I can understand the Holocaust.”

And if these outpourings seem to be the products of deranged minds, let us not forget that even the impeccably liberal Tony Judt displays a striking indifference to the practical consequences of his proposals for the people of Israel. For Professor Judt, and for other advocates of the “one-state solution,” it is perfectly acceptable to leave millions of Jews helpless before the armies and suicide bombers of the Middle East (“Things change”), just so long as faculty dinners and cocktail parties are no longer spoiled by the latest controversy over Israeli military tactics.

Such are the ideas exposed to the light of day in The Jewish Divide Over Israel. Our book’s contributors – who range from left-wing supporters of Peace Now to right-wing advocates of peace through strength – are united around one principle: whatever their views on the future of Israel, they maintain that the Jewish homeland no more deserves to become a provisional country whose “right to exist” is the subject of legitimate discussion than the Jewish people deserve to be a pariah nation whose survival is conditional on the approval of anti-Semites.

In repudiating the Israel-haters in our ranks, we affirm not only our solidarity with embattled Israeli Jews, but also our own basic self-respect.

Deficient Jews have no self-respect. They are merely self-elected policeman, telling the rest of the world that “Islamic fundamentalism” is a reaction to various factors. Yet before all those factors existed, jihad terror existed. But of course, Weiss and his minions have no idea of that.

Apparently, self-loathing Jews are too busy berating Israel and Jews for defending themselves against “palestinians” to take much notice on how Muslims are reciting from the Koran to justify their murder of “infidels” all around the world.

Currently there are 30 conflicts around the world and 25 of them involve Muslims. If anything, that fact alone deconstructs all other mythologies – for example, “occupation” – as the root cause of Muslim terrorism.

It is time that self-loathing deficient Jews learned that real Jews reject the politics of leftwingers. We reject their views on immigration, culture, religion, ideology, law enforcement, and military strategy.

Self-loathing Jews do not take their proper place in the family of nations. Instead, they will be like hyena, scurrying off into the brush with their tails between their legs, because their apathy and self-loathing placed their fellow Jews into a dangerous, self-imposed ghetto, surrounded by 23 nations of Islamic theocracies and brutal dictatorships, run by racist madmen.

Ron Kuby, Daniel Barenboim, Deborah Fink, Adam Shapiro, George Soros, Stanley Cohen, “Rabbi” David Weiss, are just a sampling of self-loathing Jews especially when it comes to their acknowledgement and pride in being Jewish. Just Google each of them and read what each says about Israel and Jews.

Manfred Gerstenfeld at The Jewish Center for Public Affairs writes:

Anti-Jewish attacks on Israel by Jews are frequently indistinguishable from those by non-Jews. Among the specific aspects in the anti-Israel writings of some Jews are the use of their family’s Holocaust experiences, their references to being Jewish, or an association of some kind with Israel. Assaults on Israel and Jews by non-Jews often use statements from Israeli or diaspora Jewish defamers as a legitimization. In order to fight verbal attacks against Israel by Jews more effectively, a much better understanding of their background, motives, and methods is required.

Much of the Jewish world is ignorant of their precious heritage. The results are catastrophic: apathy, shame and self-loathing. If this is indeed a Jewish problem then the siege upon us will not be lifted until we as Jews acknowledge our rightful place in history and correct the mistakes we have made by denying them.

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