Iran Plans on Destroying Tomb of King Cyrus, Friend of the Jews

I like to think that I am no longer shocked by what Islamists do, by who they kill, by how they behead, by what they mutilate. I like to think that I am no longer shocked by what historical sites Islamists detonate, deface, or deform, or what rich and multi-layered cultural sites they wipe out, like the Bamiyan statues, Joseph’s tomb, or Rachel’s tomb, all in order to infuse their zealous, twisted belief on to the rest of the world that history renewed itself with a singular event – the birth of their Mohammad. By wiping out other culture’s pre-existing statues, sites, temples, tombs, churches, and cemetaries, Islamists can point to an empty acreage and deceitfully proclaim – Look there! There is nothing there! There was no one there before us!

But every now and then, I do get floored by their pathogenic and ethno-centric behaviour, and now, is one of those times. According to INN,

Iran is planning on submerging the tomb of King Cyrus, the Persian King known for authorizing the Jewish exiles to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Holy Temple. Cyrus, who lived from 576-530 BCE, liberated Babylonian Jewry from their exile in the famous Declaration of Cyrus which is mentioned in the book of Ezra in both Hebrew and Aramaic.

Cyrus was praised in the Tanach (Isaiah 45:1-6), though he was also criticized for believing the false report of the Cuthites, who wanted to halt the building of the Second Temple. They accused the Jews of conspiring to rebel, so Cyrus in turn stopped the construction of the temple, which would not be completed until 516 BCE, during the reign of Darius the Great, the grandson of Queen Esther.

As one commenter wrote, “Cyrus is a historic symbol of Jewish freedom; it is Jewish freedom Iran seeks to destroy.” Indeed. This depravity is staggering in its scope; the Islamists are planning on destroying the tomb as part of a general campaign to sever the Persian people from their non-Islamic heritage.

What depths Islamists will go to rewrite history. What an outrageous crime accompanied by yet another crime – the crime of silence and tacit approval – from the international community.

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