I just don’t understand

After joining in a call to arms to rally a defense of IsraPundit, and afer writing to nearly 100 people to rally them to help defend IsraPundit, I have had an epiphany yielding serious second thoughts about this issue. I can’t for the life of me understand why the owner of IsraPundit is not banning the Jew hating vermin on this thread: http://www.israpundit.com/archives/2005/09/us_sells_israel.php.

Don’t Jew haters have enough outlets to spout their venom without one of us providing the vermin with yet another platform? I really don’t understand the logic. All the racists who post on IsraPundit there are merely repeating the same White American Supremacist party line that White American Jew haters already spew on AOL’s forums, on the USS Liberty site and on all of the Indymedia sites.

Israpundit is a personal blog, right? It’s not a corporate-owned blog. It’s a personal BLOG registered as a private domain NOT linked to TypePad, or Blogger, or WordPress. The owner of IsraPundit doesn’t have to stick to any Terms of Service or abide by any rules of “Freedom of Speech” on his own personal blog, so why the heck does he give the White Supremacists who post on his site an outlet for hate speech?

You can tell me to go to hell, Ted, but you’re doing the rest of us a disservice by not even counterpointing their hate speech. You’re just letting them rant. I know, I know, you let them rant so that the rest of the world can see just how inane and ridiculous their comments are. But that isn’t how it works, Ted. Each of those Jew hating bastards on your site is getting off on denigrating Israel and Jews in general and by publishing their vitriol, you are aiding and abetting their sickness. You are giving them a voice that otherwise might not have been given the light of day, and you are giving them an opportunity to spread their venom into the general population.

When anti-semites went after me on my site, I went after each one of them, until they didn’t return any more. I won that round with them and I’d do it again the exact same way. I go for the jugular, I get the scum right between their eyes, and I get them down until they submit. THAT is how you deal with an enemy.

Jews MUST fight back and show that we’re not just spineless cowardly yids ready to roll over and play dead. I’m not, and no other Jew should be either.

If a pro-Israel blogger is not smart enough to delete the written attacks, or is not smart enough to censor the hate speech, then he is guilty of giving anti-Semites a forum. At best, he is guilty of allowing himself to be used as a tool by Jew haters, and at worst, he is allowing himself to be a passive accomplice.

If the owner of a blog can’t fight back on his own blog, why should anyone else?

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