I don’t suffer fools well

This has been a stellar week for hate mail, mostly from muzbots, no doubt spurred on by Monkey Boy, the misanthropic Iranian who wants to destroy Israel more than a heart wants to beat. I take the hate mail as a badge of honor. Evidently, I am on the right track with the real truth about the cancerous entity calling itself “palestine”.

One of the emails I received was from an Arab by the name of Tala Swailem (email address will be provided upon request). The subject was “you have been lying for over 60 years“. Tala dared me to reprint her email.

Well, Tala, I don’t suffer fools well. You dared me to publish your letter, so here it is. All your spelling errors and historical inaccuracies remain in clear view for everyone to witness. I will point out that you, Tala, make clear that the “occupation” that palestinians have been clamoring about since 1967 is not the real reason why Muslims hate Jews. You reveal that Muslims have hated Jews since 1917. That must explain why Arabs killed 67 Jews while they were praying in their synagogue in the Jewish Holy City of Hebron in 1929:

Subject: “you have been lying for over 60 years”you know , deep inside you , that you had been lying , since , the year 1917 ,

the world to day is different , than that of 1917,

isreal now , is well known as a TERRORIST country ,

you should go back to , the countries , you came from them ,

to claim PALESTINE , as your homeland,

this day , is becoming VERY CLOSE ,

you claimed , that you went trough Holocaust ,

but you are committing against PALESTINIANS , a daily holocaust since your occupation to Palestine ,

GOD , you are the WORST people on earth ,

it is OK for you , to : –

kill others without mercy ,

to humelate others ,

to steal the proprty of others ,

enough is enough ,

truth will never vanish ,

stop the continious Palestinian holocaust ,

i dare you to post this ,

this is one of those shocking truths ,


this is the seconed and the list is long ,



Tala, I bet you’re surprised that I don’t think of myself as a bar of soap like the rest of your murderous tribe does. Clearly you are delusional about the culpability of the arab / palestinian / islamist agenda and your filthy crimes against Israel and Jews as Islam continues to spread its barbarism throughout western civilization.

Arabs have been killing Jews since the early 1900’s when there was no “occupation”. You yourself recall that your hatred was fired up as far back as 1917. The Hebron riots and massacre of Jews by Arabs in 1929, is just one example of your barbarity. There are several thousand others.

But here’s a fact: the Palestinian Arabs and the Palestinian Jews, were both residents of the Mandate of Palestine, from which the term “Palestinian” comes from. Palestinian Arabs have no absolute, natural right to self-determination of their own country without the reciprocal absolute natural right of the Palestinian Jew to veto such “rights” since Palestinian Jews had a prior right to create a national existence in the lands of the Mandate of Palestine. We were there first, in spite of your people having tried to destroy the archaeological evidence.

Moreover, the rights asserted by such Palestinian Arabs – to eradicate all Jews from all of Arabia – would pose the gravest of dangers to the prior rights of the State of Israel and trigger the absolute, natural right of self defense of the Palestinian Jews to preserve themselves by wiping out the challenge so that it does not ever arise again.

Stop killing Jews because we will always defend our humanity against your barbarity.

When evils are done in the name of Islam, which you defend, it’s really nationalism. Of course, you fail to admit that all evils against Muslims are, in your eyes, religious in nature. This justifies your thirst for non-Muslim blood. It’s all “religion” to you, but to the rest of us, it’s a fascist, tyrannical political movement.

See, I am no longer shocked by anything Islamicists say or do. Islam is about death. It has always been about death. It is about repression, and always has been about repression. It is about fascism, for it was founded as a religious fascist ideology by a fascist. It’s connection to the ‘Judeo-Christian’ line is tenuous at best; non-existent at present.

The most amusing thing is that you somehow feel that you can vomit up any type of rhetoric regardless of the truth. You think that the rest of us will bow by bombing us in our offices, synagogues, and kindergartens. Sorry, sistah – clearly you have no sense of history at all. Why shouldn’t Jews be able to go back to their homeland, where the Roman’s exiled them? And no one said palestinians can’t go back, they only can’t go back because they have terror organizations. Get rid of your terror organizations and then no one will stop you at a border. When Palestinian terrorism ceases the barriers can be removed. The innocent Jewish lives lost that gave rise to it’s presence cannot be replaced. The deaths of Israelis caused by terror are permanent and irreversible whereas the hardships faced by the Palestinian Arabs are temporary, reversible and will cease when attempts to kill Jews are themselves brought to a halt.

Get another thing straight: there is no law on earth that requires the Jewish people to accept the revision of their history nor their own demise merely because “refugees” like you say we should.

Check your history book out from under your burka and take off your hypocritical self righteous blinkers. Don’t you ever forget that we were writing the books that shaped all religions while your ancestors were still running naked in the desert.

Evolve, Tala, evolve. It’s been 1,400 years and your people are still in diapers. Don’t forfeit your humanity any further by assasinating toddlers on buses and teenagers at the mall. Your people have oceans of Jewish blood on their hands from that little proxy govenment Arafat started in 1964, called the PLO, and now it’s time to settle accounts. Because unlike the political Arabian nation, the Zionist movement to Palestine/the Land of Israel represents a return, not an invasion. Get over it and heal your sickness. We are not going anywhere. It is the Islamic rejection of Israel’s right to exist and not Israeli policies that are the cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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