I do not believe in a two-state solution. Neither do Muslims.

I do not believe in a two-state solution. The neo-state of “Palestine”, if it ever comes to exist, G-d Forbid, would be a kleptocracy stolen out from under the feet of Israel. The Jew’s roots are in Israel and can be proven by examining the archaelogy, the language in the artifacts discovered, the coinage, the antiquities found beneath the rocks and, most importantly, in the Bible itself.

There was never a nation called Palestine. There were never borders, currency, or even a palestinian language. To offer murderers a state just to quell their murderous rage is an intolerable solution.

The Palestinians were offered a partition of ample land in 1948. They were offered 78% more land than the Britains offered the Jews. The difference is the Jews accepted the partition and the Arabs didn’t. Why? Because the Arabs hated non-Arabs. Look at the murders of the Jews by arabs in 1929 in Hebron as 67 Jews prayed in their synagogue. Why did that happen? Why were Jews killed in 1929 while they were praying?

The onus is not on Israel or Israelis to have to provide a solution to the conflict. We can only defend ourselves. In spite of the skill of Hanan Ashwari, the rotting Arafat and other arab mass murderers to convince others of supposed palestinian victimhood, Israelis, Jews and Christians everywhere in the Middle East are the real victims of Arab xenophobia.

Jews and Christians threaten Arabian ethnocentrism. We remind them that they are not superior.

Palestinians will never accept Israel as a legitimate nation. Western liberal democracies are blind. They are, unfortunately, willing to accommodate the Palestinians and the pan-Arabian nation even tho Arabs are exploiting the tolerance of democratic societies.

Look at what is happening in Europe. Europe has opened the doors to Muslims and now Muslims are demanding Sharia- obedience to Muslim law and not to the host nation’s law. Europe is now the object of Islam’s long-term plan to subvert and destroy them. The conflict in the world today is a conflict between belief and unbelief.

The war between Israel and “Palestine”, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Algeria, in Chechnya, and in the Philippines is the same war. This is Islam’s aim at its core – the eradication of all opposing thought and the establishment of Islam’s world wide domination.

Islam is hell bent on the destruction of the Judeo-Christian world and Christians are also their prime targets. Yes, it seems the focal point of the Islamist is Israel but the ultimate target is to eradicate all non-Muslims.

Israel is not at war with “Palestine”. Instead, Islam is at war with us and will be until there are no non-Muslims left. So, no I don’t believe in a two-state solution at all, and a one-state solution with the malicious “law of return” will turn the entire nation of Israel into a land of Arabs only, with the goal to supplant Israel, not to live side by side with it.

There will be no solution until Islam reforms and models itself on human standards of civilization. Beyond that, we either kill our enemy or we will continue to be killed by them.

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