I am Jewish and I am – proudly – voting for George Bush.

If anyone has an extensive, orbital and measured comprehension of the war we are in, George Bush certainly does.

For those of you who are planning on voting for John Kerry, this post is for you:

If you are one of those folks who are going to vote for John Kerry, then 9/11 was nothing but a NUISANCE to you. September 11th was also an INCONVENIENCE to the 3000 people who were brutally murdered by an UNEVOLVED fascist sub-culture of Muslims.

What a NUISANCE it must have been for YOU that 3000 HUMANS were murdered. YOU had to wait longer at bridges and toll plazas – so that some DUMB TRUCK would get inspected by bomb-sniffing canine units. How DARE the Police and Army INCONVENIENCE you at tunnel entrances. How SELFISH of the Fire Departments to wave PURPLE and BLACK MOURNING FLAGS on the mantles of their stations that YOU passed every day REMINDING you of the terror that was launched on September 11th.

How quickly you have forgotten.

How INCONVENIENT that thousands of Israelis were MURDERED by Arafat, that filthy pedophile, while being FUNDED by Saddam HUSSEIN, who himself paid $25,000 per Palestinian family once their relatives were MARTYRED. What a NUISANCE it must have been to be a Jew in Israel while KATUSHYA rockets were being launched into their homes right after STREET SIGNS were placed in Gaza (ISRAEL, to the rest of us), named after the Palestinian TERRORISTS martyrs.

Life is SO INCONVENIENT for Jewish Liberal women on their first, second and third abortions. Just think about how INCONVENIENT it was to go to CVS and buy those condoms. That lump in your breast and the paralysis caused by that car accident? Although embryonic stem cell research has yielded NO results in MORE THAN 30 YEARS towards curing tumors and reclaiming nerve cell damage, ADULT STEM CELL research has, instead, yielded much better results. Would you really want the government to kill a HUMAN BEING so that YOU could be healthy? Would you really ask someone else to die for you? What a NUISANCE it must be to read a medical journal that defines how embryonic stem cells actually CREATE tumor growth because the cells themselves are still growing. Wow. File THAT fact under c:DUH if it isn’t too much of a NUISANCE for you.

So, on November 2, if it isn’t too INCONVENIENT, re-think your faulty notions for why you have been seduced and coerced into believing that Kerry is the one to lead and defend us in the middle of a war that MUSLIMS started, and instead, VOTE FOR GEORGE BUSH.

Because in a word, you will doing the CORRECT thing to do.

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