The hypocrisy of arabists and jihadists

Some of our readers get into formidable debates with jihadists on forum boards and some news sites where readers are allowed to post comments, and each time the jihadists write about Israeli brutality.

Jihadists and arabists ONLY care about brutality when they believe it is done by Jews, but they are 100% complacent when worse brutality occurs by their own Arab people. Jihadists don’t care about the thousands upon thousands of Arabs who languish in Syrian prisons; such as the torture chamber of Palmyra. They don’t care about how the PLO utterly destroyed Lebanon by instigating the civil war in Lebanon. They don’t care how the Palestinians and Syrians cut the fingers of Lebanese Christian children to ensure they could never hold a gun. Jihadists don’t care about how Arafat once told the Lebanese Christians that they need to be destroyed for political reasons. They don’t care about how the PLO destroyed Christian Lebanese towns such as Damur. They don’t care about how the Lebanese treat the Palestinian refugees in an immoral, despicable, sociopathic manner, forcing them to live in squalor and rat-infested, garbage-strewn nightmare. Jihadists don’t care about the thousands upon thousands of Katyusha rockets sent into Israeli civilian farming villages where Jewish children live which started a good 10 years before Israel invaded Lebanon. They don’t care about the Syrians and Hizbollah printing US counterfeit money in an attempt to collapse the US economy. They don’t care about Hizbollah’s threats against the US embassy if it moves to Jerusalem. Jihadists don’t care about the Arab oppression of the sub-Saharan Africans in Sudan. They don’t care about how the Sunnis were massacred by Assad. Jihadists don’t care about how Emile Lahoud was a well-known torturer and terrorist. They don’t care about anyone or anything except for their own selfish, greedy, ethno-centric agenda and this is a true tragedy.

The blatant hypocrisy of the jihadist and their rallying calls against all Jews everywhere, and their unrepentant bigotry, has dutifully earned them the laughing stock label and the civilized world is beginning to see it.

We ask these jihadists, what is their opinion about the following brutalities? Of course, they won’t have the courage to say one bad word against anyone who is not a Jew.

Too bad the jihadists and arabists’ hearts don’t bleed for the following horrendous crimes:

September 3; 1975; at Deir Ayach in Northern Lebanon; a monastery transformed in 1947 into a school was twenty eight years later attacked by Lebanese and Palestinians. The school had 960 children (660 Muslims) who mainly were attending at no cost. Three monks aged; respectively; 60; 78; and 93; the sole occupants of Deir Ayach on that day were murdered. The veins of the blind Boutros Sassine’s arms were severed. Antoine Tamini was slaughtered, decapitated, and burned. Hanna Maksoud was found in his room; his throat cut. The Christian villagers living around the school monastery fled, and the aggressors destroyed their village.

On January 15; 1976; the Palestinians arrived at Kab Elias, an Islamic Christian village situated in the Bekaa. Some ten days later, 16 Christians were killed and another 23 were injured. Following that were witnessed the exodus of the Christians towards Zahlé, East Beirut and Jounieh.

At the beginning of January 1976; in Damour and Jieh, two Christian towns south of Beirut, the Palestinians and Syrians went so far as to cut the fingers of Christian children to ensure that they never would be able to pull a gun’s trigger. In Damour, at least 300 inhabitants were killed and their churches profaned.

On January 19; 1976; the village of Hoche Barada in the Bekaa was attacked by Palestinians and Muslim Lebanese and completely pillaged and destroyed.

In 1976; the Army of Arab Lebanon; founded by the Palestinians, attacked the city of Aintoura and destroyed it. The attack was led by the Lebanese officer Ibrahim Chahine.

In 1976; the Lebanese officer Samir Abou Zahr led the massacre perpetrated by the Army of Arab Lebanon on the Emir Bechir Barracks in Beirut. During this massacre; Lebanese soldiers and officers were murdered in their sleep.

In 1976, the Lebanese officer Mostapha Sleiman; a member of the Army of Arab Lebanon; led the massacre of the Lebanese population in the city of Chekka.

On March 10; 1976; officer Moiin Hatoum; member of the Army of Arab Lebanon led an attack on the Khyam Barracks. Over 30 Lebanese soldiers were killed.

May 31, 1976; the Syrians invaded Lebanon and established their rule. The invaders pillaged the towns and villages they went through and humiliated the Lebanese population. The Syrians shelled all the regions under Muslim domination. There must have been over 500 victims; mostly civilians.

On March 16, 1977; the date on which the Syrians murdered Kamal Joumblatt; they sent Druze to attack Christian villages. The result: At least 1000 people were massacred. The village of Deir Dourit was erased; with 273 dead.

On February 7, 1978; hostilities started between the Lebanese Army and the Arab Force of Dissuasion; the FAD; with its Syrian majority and under the command of the Lebanese lieutenant Sami Khatib; as a result of the installation of a Syrian barrage near the Fayadieh Barracks; the seat of the Lebanese military commander of Mount Lebanon. The Syrian soldiers insisted on controlling all Lebanese military vehicles entering the Fayadieh Barracks. They shelled the residential quarters with Stalin Organs and opened fire on the barracks with MBT guns. Mention must be made that as of that period, Sami Khatib is one of the best Syrian agents in Lebanon. He is responsible for the incarceration of thousands of Lebanese and the disappearance of hundreds of others following their torture.

On June 27, 1978; elements from the “special Syrian forces” dragged out of their beds 30 young men from the villages of Kaa and Ras_Baalbeck and executed them without any form of trial. The man who headed and completed this job was none other than the Syrian officer Ali Dib.

On July 1; 1978; the civilian population of East Beirut and its suburbs were shelled by Syrian artillery and started with the residential quarters of East Beirut. The private militia of Rifaat Assad; brother of the Syrian President; circled the free regions around Beirut. The shelling lasted five days and five nights. Heavy caliber shells were used; from heavy cannon to Kaytusha rockets and including all kinds of mortars (up to 240 mm); rockets and

missiles. According to some obbservers; all sorts of weapon were used; except for aerial bombing. Sixty civilians were killed and over 300 injured.

Beginning 1979; the Syrians bombed East Beirut and the adjoining Christian regions. 82; 120 and 160 mm shells fell on the targeted sectors.

August 1979; the Syrians shell the villages of Niha; Deir Bella and Douma in North Lebanon.

On February 24, 1980; Mr. Selim Laouz, owner and director of the al Hawadess revue; was kidnapped by the Syrians on the road to the Beirut airport. The mutilated and decomposed body of the journalist was found in the Aramoun forest ten days after his abduction. He was shot twice in the head after having been tortured horribly: the ribs on his right side had been crushed by repeated blows with a bar and his right arm was lacerated to the bone, from his armpit to his elbow.

In March 1981; the towns of Zahlé in the Bekaa and East Beirut were shelled. In Lebanon; even the Red Cross was a target for the Syrians. Sister [Nun] Marie Sophie Zoghbi was one of the Red Cross ambulance drivers since the beginning of the war. She had forced her way through the front to the south of the town of Zahlé on the Saadnayel road. Alone at the wheel of her ambulance she’d gone to fetch the dying in Zahlé. The Syrians shot the vehicle, killing her on the spot. The town’s hospital was eradicated by thousands of shells which fell on it during one night. Water, food, and medicines grew rarer and the corpses of some of the wounded who’d died under the shelters couldn’t be evacuated. In all; the fighting had left some two hundred dead and five hundred wounded in Beirut alone. The Palestinians, too, had participated actively in the Zahlé shelling. The Palestinian military commander was Ahmad Ismail.

On July 23, 1980; Riad Taha, president of the press, was killed at Chourane (Raouché) by the Syrians. His car had been sprayed with bullets. Taha was hit by seven bullets in his face, the back of his head and his breast.

There you have it, folks; the jihadist and arabist’s worst nightmare: the truth.