Human Rights Watch panders to human butchers

I post this excerpt from Human Rights Watch Courts the Mullahs. You must be aware of the treachery of detestable groups like Human Rights Watch, not only from their Israel-bashing focus, but from their anti-American focus:

During these tense times in the Middle East, at least Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can have a good laugh over the pathetic July 26 letter addressed to him by the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division, Sarah Leah Whitson. “Dear President Ahmadinejad,” the letter solemnly begins, “We [at HRW] are aware that you have recently expressed great concern about the current fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, citing in particular the large numbers of Lebanese civilian victims of this conflict.”

Your eyes do not deceive you. HRW believes, at least publicly, that it is communicating with an individual (Ahmadinejad) who actually gives a damn – for reasons other than political expediency – about the oft-lamented “civilian victims” whose sufferings presumably cause him to weep and pray for peace. Ms. Whitson seems unaware that the addressee of her letter has repeatedly, unabashedly characterized Israel as a loathsome “tumor” whose civilians and non-civilians alike “must be wiped off the map” of the planet earth.

To demonstrate her organization’s unwavering solidarity with Ahmadinejad’s commendable “concern” about the well-being of innocent noncombatants in Lebanon, Whitson takes pains to assure him of the following: “Human Rights Watch is also [emphasis added] extremely concerned about the price civilians are paying – on both sides of the border. We have questioned the lawfulness of Israel’s attacks under international humanitarian law in light of the extremely high proportion of civilians among those killed and wounded and the devastation these attacks have caused to infrastructure essential to the civilian population. We have stressed to Israel the imperative of providing safe passage to civilians seeking to flee the fighting and for relief convoys into and out of areas affected by the fighting. To that end, we are monitoring and reporting on Israeli abuses.”

Today, a spokesperson for Human Rights Watch commented on Ynets Talkbalk forums. His name is Dr. Smith. Note the arrogance in his posting (#4) in his response to this article. My response to the ineloquent threat by Dr. Smith is #31.

We’ll be watching your group, Dr. Smith, and we will continue to expose your detestable acts of pandering to America and Israel’s enemies.

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