What is the Hudibiyya Agreement?

The Hudibiyya Agreement was a 10-year peace treaty signed by Mohammed with the enemy tribe of Koreish. After two years, Mohammed’s military position improved, and he then tore up the agreement and slaughtered the Koreishites.

The desert warrior is considered shrewd to invite his enemies as honored guests for dinner only to jump across the table with scythes at the ready to slice up his guests beguiled by his charm.

Something that the West does not comprehend about Islam is the matter of peace treaties, or honoring vows. When Yassar Arafat promises to help bring peace to the Middle East, why is it that all we seem to get is more war?

It is because a person lives as they have been taught. In the Hadith book 78, number 619, Muhammad teaches concerning keeping an oath: The Prophet said, “…whenever you take an oath to do something and later you find that something else is better than the first, then do the better one and make expiation for your oath.”

Read it again. Think about it. And many things about the Middle East will begin to make sense. According to Islam, oaths need to be kept only as long as it is to your advantage to keep them.

When Muhammad and his followers were first beginning their religion, there were difficulties, and on one occasion Muhammad had to make a peace treaty with the enemy tribe of Quayresh. This was called the Hudibiyya Agreement. Two years later, his military position had improved considerably, whereupon Muhammad tore up the treaty and slaughtered the Quayreshites.

During the Crusades, there was a Moslem leader called Saladin who was fighting against the forces of Richard the Lion Hearted. Things got a little sticky, and Saladin called for a cease fire. Once the English troops got relaxed and settled down comfortably, Saladin called for a jihad and captured Jerusalem.

Islam teaches that breaking vows, breaking peace treaties is an acceptable way of doing things, and we should not be surprised when Moslems do as their religion teaches. Following is a quote from an interview with Yassar Arafat on the Egyptian Orbit Television, April 18, 1998:

“Question: For practical reasons, do you now suggest to maintain quiet despite everything?

Arafat: Yes, I suggest that we maintain quiet. We respect agreements the way that the prophet Muhammad and Salah a-din respected the agreements that they signed.”

And meanwhile, the West continues to try and get Israel and the PLO to sign more agreements…

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