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How would the MSM cover “Chocolate Mohammed” at Ramadan?

Michelle Malkin asks “How would the MSM cover an artist exhibition of a “Chocolate Mohammed” timed to coincide with Ramadan? They wouldn’t.”

Michelle continues:

Wall-to-wall coverage. “Chocolate Jesus” is on Fox, MSNBC, and ABC. And CNN. And all over the web. No pixelation. No withholding the photos in the name of respect for Christianity. No taboos.

Where’s the MSM’s concern for avoiding deliberately provocative religious insults now?


“CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.”

“CNN is not showing the negative caricatures of the likeness of Prophet Mohammed because the network believes its role is to cover the events surrounding the publication of the cartoons while not unnecessarily adding fuel to the controversy itself.”

And remember:

“They wouldn’t meet our standards for what we publish in the paper,” said Leonard Downie, Jr., executive editor of The Washington Post, which ran a front-page story on the issue Friday, but has not published the cartoons. “We have standards about language, religious sensitivity, racial sensitivity and general good taste.” … At USA Today, deputy foreign editor Jim Michaels offered a similar explanation. “At this point, I’m not sure there would be a point to it,” he said about publishing the cartoons. “We have described them, but I am not sure running it would advance the story.” Although he acknowledged that the cartoons have news value, he said the offensive nature overshadows that.The Boston Globe, while acknowledging the right of newspapers to print material that may offend, argues that “newspapers ought to refrain from publishing offensive caricatures of Mohammed in the name of the ultimate Enlightenment value: tolerance.”

Folks, this is just detestable hypocrisy from the Arab-loving mainstream media, who deceive their audiences by denying that Islam is fascism, by denying that Islam is an attitude, by denying that Islam at its core is lethally militaristic and institutionalizes homicide. There is an Islamic crusade going on and the mainstream media refuses to see it. When Ahmadinjehad speaks, why doesn’t the MSM believe him? When Nasrallah speaks, why don’t the MSM believe him? When bin Laden speaks, why doesn’t the MSM believe him? This is post-911. There is no excuse for the MSM not to believe mass murderers. The leftwing MSM calls for Americans to behave now just like we did pre-911 but it’s utter stupidity. So what if a couple of more buildings go down. So what if a couple of more airliners go down. You see, it didn’t happen in their backyards. It happened in downtown Manhattan, D.C., and Pennsylvania, and besides, dahlink, no one goes to those places for vacation anyway.

The truth is that the deaths of innocents caused by Muslim terror are permanent and irreversible, whereas the hardships faced by some Muslims in this country are temporary, reversible. Deaths to Americans and Jews will only cease when attempts to kill Jews and Americans are brought to a halt via persuasive, pro-active, pre-emptive military action.


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