How to Kill a Westerner

How to Kill a Westerner by MEMRI via An excerpt:

On August 4, 2006, the Al-Hesbah website published instructions on ‘How to Kill a Crusader in the Arabian Peninsula.’ The document was signed by Amer Al-Najdi, and dated June 15, 2006.

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Al-Najdi instructs his readers in some possible ways to kill a Westerner, from choosing the victim through following him through the stage of the actual killing.

The following are excerpts from the document: [1]

Before Carrying Out the Operation, Pray for Guidance

“Below I will explain the jihadist way of action and the security measures to be employed by the jihad fighter [when he wants to kill a Westerner]:

“First of all, before carrying out the operation, pray [to Allah] to guide you on the good path.

“[Regarding your] external appearance – Try as much as possible to look like someone who is not religious. For example, wear [a kuffiyeh] with an ‘aqal instead of a turban, and wear cheap dark glasses during the day and regular glasses at night. Your clothes must be long, and try if at all possible for them to be heel-length, or longer; don’t be afraid of this. Wear a sport suit or a regular suit. Similarly, it is greatly preferable to be shaven.

“[Regarding] the items or the clothing in [your] car – Immediately get rid of everything in your car that indicates that you are religious, such as jihad cassettes, small papers such as post-its… The most important thing there must not be anything in the car indicating that the owner is a religious man… so that if the dogs of the security [apparatuses], the emergency [apparatuses], or the other [apparatuses] stop you in a suspicious place and search your car they will find nothing proving that you are religious, and will release you right away.

“While you are carrying out the operation, be careful not to take your cell phone with you – especially if it has a camera – so that it won’t cause you, or your friends whose numbers are in the phone, problems with unknown consequences.

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