How Suha, PA Leaders Divided Arafat’s Fortune

A delegation of Palestinian leaders, including Abu Mazen and Abu Ala, arrived in Paris on Wednesday and met with Arafat’s wife, Suha, and his chief financial advisor, Mohammad Rashid. Suha told the PA leaders that she was in need of financial security to allow her to continue living on the same level she has been used to. “We will allow you to live on the same level,” a senior leader told her, “but you must sign an agreement and reveal all of your husband’s bank accounts and investments, and enable the transfer of the funds that belong to the PA. Do not rob this money from the Palestinian people.” At some point, the leaders even warned her that if she would refuse to sign the papers, “The Palestinian people all over the world will never give you peace and quiet.” She signed. “Eventually the money was divided up,” one official noted. “The Palestinian leaders understood that in order to put their hands on the fortune and get rid of Suha, they would be better off paying her handsomely.”How Suha, PA Leaders Divided Arafat’s Fortune

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