How Non-believing Jewish Leftists “Celebrate” Yom Kippur

“The intifada will win – Sharon is a murderer,” “for the sin that you sinned before the Palestinians in occupation – murder,” and the “State is a terror organization,” were among the slogans spray-painted on the synagogue’s walls after Yom Kippur’s Kol Nidre prayers.

Due to the holiness of the day, nothing could be done to remove the offensive expressions. Former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi who was at the Great Synagogue for all of the Yom Kippur services was consulted on the matter and ruled that to clean up the graffiti would constitute a violation of both Yom Kippur and the Sabbath.

There was much speculation among the congregants as to whether the perpetrators were Jewish, and the general opinion was that they were.

Great Synagogue vice president Zali Jaffe, speaking from the pulpit denounced the perpetrators and said that they did not have the courage of their own convictions as they had carried out their foul deed at a time of night when no-one was around to stop them.

In a separate incident not far away, vandals spray-painted other graffiti against the prime minister, finance minister and the president at the Gaza Street intersection in Rehavia.

Concentric circles were painted on the road, showing the distances and direction to each of the official’s homes.

Folks, it’s time to start organizing surveillance on the pro-violence criminal Far Left.

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