How the New York Times Doctored its Count of Croatia’s W.W.II Victims

Via Emperor’s New Clothes:

In Part 1 of this series, I charged that in 1991, the New York Times,blazing a trail for the rest of the Western media, completely revisedits account of the Holocaust in Croatia. Before 1991, the Times reported that the Croatian Ustashe(clerical-fascists) murdered some 800,000 people, Serbs, Jews, andRoma, as well as antifascists of all backgrounds, in the Jasenovacdeath camp complex. After 1991, the Times and other media reported that some “tens ofthousands” (or sometimes 80,000, or 85,000) were killed. A 90% cut.Enough to make a Holocaust denier green with envy.

At the same time, the Times radically altered its perspective.

Before 1991, the murders were described as being caused by fascism. After 1991, they were described as being caused by fascism and ‘ethnic enmity,’ as if genocidal hatred of Serbs, Jews, and Roma was the fault of both sides – the Serbs, Jews and Roma, as well as those that hated them. This supposed ‘ethnic enmity,’ along with a supposed desire of Yugoslav Communist leaders to (as the Times put it) “demonize”
fascism, was now presented as explaining a supposedly long-term dispute over the victim count. I have made a most serious accusation. Here is the evidence.

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