How Muslims are sticking it to the Brits

Imagine the gall. An Islamic group accused of working with al-Qaeda proposes a plan to build the largest mosque in Europe next to London’s Olympic stadium, which will host the 2012 Olympics. Clearly, Muslim terrorists are using Britain’s liberal values to destroy the country from within. Tablighi Jamaat, an organization accused by the FBI of working with al-Qaeda, proposed a plan to build the continent’s largest mosque next to London’s Olympic stadium. Despite opposition, even from other British Muslims, the British government has not pulled the plug on the project.

British journalist and author Melanie Phillips mentioned this development during a lecture in New York City on Thursday evening. The event, held at the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue in Manhattan, was sponsored by the Boston-based Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) and attracted more than 200 people.

Her lecture before the CAMERA audience focused on the themes in her latest book, Londonistan, in which she argues that Islamist terrorists and their sympathizers are using Britain’s liberal and multicultural values to destroy it from within – and the British government is appeasing them in the process.

The book states that European security agencies have nicknamed Britain’s capital city “Londonistan” because of its status as Europe’s headquarters of recruitment, incitement, and funding for Islamist terrorism.

Phillips said British authorities have readily appeased radical Muslim elements in the country because they are afraid of being branded racists. She mentioned the case of Mustaf Jama, a Somali national wanted in Britain in connection with the murder of a policewoman, as one example. Jama managed to evade capture in late December by boarding an international flight at Heathrow Airport disguised as a veiled Muslim woman. Jama used his sister’s passport and slipped past Heathrow security checks because screeners there are afraid to require Muslim women passengers to remove their veils for identity confirmation.

Phillips revealed that even British publishing companies would not publish Londonistan because they were frightened of possible responses to the book. After two years of searching, she found a small American publisher, Encounter Books, which agreed to print it in the US and Britain. You can buy yourself and a friend copies of the book Londonistan, here.

There is a great deal of brazen chutzpa, contempt and provocation by Muslims, who were graciously granted sanctuary in a foreign country, who received all possible assistance and access to all its wealth, to demand that the host accommodates himself to that person’s alien and often distasteful customs. It is an attitude of a conqueror – not of adoptive son. But why be surprised – being a conqueror is part and parcel to Islam’s 1,400 year historical record.

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