How much money is enough to fund the systematic slaughter of Israeli Jews?

I’d say, you’d need around $7.4 billion, or thereabouts. And quite honestly, I’m not too far off the mark. Yesterday, 87 countries and international organizations pledged at a one-day conference in Paris $7.4 billion in aid to palestinian Arabs who live on land they stole from Israel during their 100 year-long war against the Jewish people. The United States pledged $555 million for 2008, up from $75 million this year. The European Union, the largest aid donor to the palestinians, pledged $650 million for 2008. Separately, European nations made three-year pledges, including France and Sweden at $300 million each, Britain $500 million, Norway $420 million, Spain $360 million and Germany $200 million.

I don’t think that 87 countries ever, anywhere, pledged that much money to those who were starving in Biafra – which actually did exist for around one and a half years – unlikfe the manufactured nation of palestine which never existed – ever. Or to the Indonesians who suffered tremedous losses during the tsunami. Or to the Turks or Mexicans who suffered during their catastrophic earthquakes. We must divest from those countries mentioned as donors above. We must ask our financial advisors and our fund managers which countries our international stocks and money market funds are invested in – and divest from those terror-funding nations and states.

Here is a list of companies that do business with state sponsors of terrorism or investment funds that invest in those companies, from the Divest Terror Initiative. Click here for Facts About Terror-Free Investing:

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Reuters Nov 28, 2007

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Bloomberg Sep 20, 2007

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Breit Bart Aug 30, 2007

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Reuters Aug 23, 2007

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Asharq Alawsat Jul 30, 2007

Pelosi invests in Iran-linked company
FOX News Jun 29, 2007

US Congress quietly outlaws aid to Saudi Arabia
World news Jun 25, 2007

Divest Terror testimony
Ohio state government Apr 26, 2007

Radio interview by Ohio Rep. Shannon Jones
55KRC Radio Apr 26, 2007

Divest Terror radio interview in Ohio (4/11/07)
WTAM Radio Apr 12, 2007

Transcript of CNBC Divest Terror segement
CNBC Mar 30, 2007

‘Terror free’ investing gains ground in US
Christian Science Monitor Mar 26, 2007

What you can do about Iran Mar 23, 2007

U.S. cautions foreign companies on Iran deals
New York Times Mar 22, 2007

Invest terror-free!
CSP Decision Brief Nov 13, 2007

Treasury affirms dangers of business with Iran
CSP Press Release Oct 25, 2007

Islamic Finance or Financing Islamism?
CSP Occasional Paper Oct 22, 2007

Give me your pension
Human Events Aug 31, 2007

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RealClearPolitics Aug 27, 2007

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CSP Security Forum Aug 15, 2007

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National Review Online Jul 31, 2007

Divest Terror breakthrough? Or a bait-and switch?
CSP Decision Brief Jul 26, 2007

Progress for terror-free investment index
CSP Press Release Jul 17, 2007

SEC Announces Divest Terror Tool
SEC Press Release Jun 25, 2007

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CSP Blog Jun 18, 2007

Divest Terror makes the front page
CSP Press Release Jun 15, 2007

Gaffney testifies about financial warfare
CSP Press Release May 24, 2007

Gaffney testifies on financial warfare
CSP Congressional Testimony May 24, 2007

Frank Gaffney to testify on Divest Terror
CSP Press Release May 23, 2007

We must divest from the entity calling itself palestine and in order to preserve the Zionist-Jewish character of the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel, Israel must also divest herself from the insidious Arab populations that contaminate her from within.

We must divest from the entity calling itself palestine all financial holdings until the entity calling itself palestine ends its system of systematic genocide against the Jewish people of Israel.

It is high time to deconstruct the myths of palestinian victimhood and start constructing the truths about palestinian aggression and genocide against the Jewish people.

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