How Much Longer Will We Continue to Let Muslims Veto Counterterrorism Policy?

The coward’s view is that when fighting Muslim terror, one must avoid actions that are liable to enrage the Arab world. With this appeasement, Muslim extremists have veto power over any effective counterterrorism policy.

From A world obsessed with Arab anger

“We must ask why Palestinians are angry enough to blow up Israeli children, yet unperturbed that local terror leaders seduce their young sons into committing murder with the absurd promise that such acts will grant them 72 virgins. The lack of Palestinian anger over self-inflicted crimes highlights the dysfunction of Palestinian anger directed at Israel’s efforts to defend itself.

By catering to the murderous rage of Arab terrorists, we only promote more rage. Arab anger is an internal Arab problem that we cannot tame, and that only they can solve. They must free themselves from a murderous fury that, in the case of the Palestinians, prevents them from building positive communities based on laudable values. We cannot do this for them.

If the West is going to win the war on terror, we need to stop becoming distracted with what may or may not enrage Arab radicals, and start focusing on the most effective way to defeat Arab terrorists. Israel’s targeted killings of terrorist masterminds is a good start.”

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