How Europe is so out of touch with reality

From JihadWatch:

Jan Marijnissen has immediately become a leading contender for the Witless Moral Equivalency Award of 2006. Of course, the Left’s delusion that jihad terrorists are the new heroic anti-fascist vanguard is nothing new; Marijnissen is no doubt completely clueless about just how uncomfortable he would be in the dream society that his new heroes are longing to establish. This is because he is, like almost everyone else on the Left and the Right, focusing on terrorism rather than jihad, and thus completely ignoring the motives and goals of those he has anointed the new Resistance.

“SP Leader Compares Islam Terrorism To Nazi Resistance,” from NIS News Bulletin, with thanks to Ummah News Links:

THE HAGUE, 22/07/06 – Socialist Party (SP) leader Jan Marijnissen has suggested that Islam terrorism may be compared to resistance against the Nazis during World War II. “Terrorism occurs in all times and places and its objective is usually to make things as unpleasant as possible for the occupier”, he says in an interview for Penthouse magazine.

“During World War II, Dutch people thwarted nazi Germany’s destruction machine by blowing up town halls, because this was where the Jews were registered. Things are not all that different in the Middle East. Islamic fundamentalism, including the terrorist wing, is a reaction to Israel’s occupation of Palestine, to America’s presence in the Middle East and to the West’s support of undemocratic regimes in the Middle East.”

If Marijnissen had to choose he would rather see Iran build up a nuclear arsenal than US military intervention in that country.

So many people in high places believe that “Islamic fundamentalism” is a reaction to various factors. Yet before all those factors existed, jihad terror existed. But of course, they have no idea of that.

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