How Do Terrorist Attacks Advance the Islamic Cause?


On July 2, 2007, a participant on the Islamist forum www al-ommh net/vb calling himself “Al-Mustaqim” posted the following question [1]: “My brothers… I wish to hear your opinion about the London operation: [2] Did it advance our cause or [intensify] the anger against our ummah?”

The next day, the forum webmaster posted a reply in which he enumerated Britain’s “crimes” and explained how the operation benefited the Muslims.

Below are excerpts from his reply: [3]

England Has Been Fighting the Muslims Since Before the Days of Our Grandfathers

“The Crusaders do not need a reason to show hostility to our Islamic nation. They have been fighting Islam… since the dawn of history. They have been fighting it since the [days of the] Crusaders’ military campaign against the land of Islam. At that time, England became the [main] base of this military campaign, and in our modern era, it occupied Muslim countries such as Egypt, Palestine and others.”

“England handed Palestine to the Jews on a golden platter, so they could build a terrible state exclusively for themselves. At this time, English forces besieged the mujahid Sheikh ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam [d. 1935]… and his followers… and he became a martyr… After the [1917] Balfour Declaration, that terrible state was established in Palestine, and the Jews ruled Palestine with the financial, moral and political support of England.”

“[In 1956,] England took part in the ‘tripartite aggression’ against Egypt, along with France and the Jews… [England] was [also] part of the military force which attacked Bosnia, not [in order to assist] the Muslims there but in order to… prevent the establishment of an Islamic state there in the wake of the overwhelming victory of the mujahideen… [In addition,] England joined the Crusader forces which attacked Afghanistan and… Iraq… [In sum,] England has been fighting the Muslims since before the birth of our grandfathers and until today.

“The benefit of the attack on the London Underground is [that] it brought home [to the British people] that they are no longer [immune] to the [attacks] of the mujahideen. Just as they kill our people, so will they be killed; just as they kill our children, so will their children be killed; and just as they destroy our cities, so will their cities be destroyed. We have [finally] become equals… after they made us feel, [for many years,] like lambs who go to the slaughter without resisting, because they [i.e. the English] were the masters.”

The Attack Harmed Their Economy

“Another benefit [of the attack] is that it was [a blow to] England’s infrastructure and harmed it economically… [In addition,] the attack delivered a severe blow to the global stock market: The index lost 200 points in less than 30 minutes, which caused them great economic harm, and prompted them to spend millions in order to increase their level of [security]… Not to mention the [considerable] number of people who converted to Islam after 9/11 and the London bombings.”

[1] The www al-ommh net forum is hosted by Interserver Inc., located in New Jersey, U.S.

[2] It is not clear whether this refers to the 2005 London Tube bombings or to the June 2007 bombing attempt in Piccadilly.

[3] www al-ommh net/vb/showthread.php?t=19229

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