How the ACLU is destroying America using your money

Here we go again. America and her values are being raped by the ACLU. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to stay a federal judge’s order to remove the Mount Soledad Cross, which for decades has commemorated fallen American soldiers buried there.

As WorldNetDaily reported, U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson ordered the city of San Diego to remove the 43-foot structure by Aug. 1 or face a fine of $5,000 a day. Thompson ruled the cross unconstitutional in 1991, but the case has remained in courts and become an issue of public policy.

The dispute was started by an atheist charging the cross – the centerpiece of a national war-veterans memorial – violates the so-called “separation of church and state.”

Of course the atheist, Philip Paulson, is being defended by the ACLU. The American Family Association has launched a campaign asking citizens to send an e-mail to President Bush to effectively take “the case out of Judge Thompson’s hands” by signing an executive order transferring the land to the National Park Service.

Folks, more than any other group, the American Civil Liberties Union – founded by avowed communist Roger Baldwin – is behind what many are calling a legal jihad against public expression of faith in America, unless, of course, you are a Muslim. Then you are free to express yourself.

By the way, the Combined Federal Campaign donated half a million dollars a year to the ACLU until the ACLU
refused to check it’s potential employee list against terrorist watch lists. Click here to read the ACLU’s letter to the CFC stating their refusal to discontinue the receipt of funds.

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