Horror: WMD feared in deadly police poisoning in Iraq

“Hundreds of Iraqi officers, some bleeding from their ears, others believed dead, are ill after breaking their Ramadan fast.” Folks, this article is disturbing and horrifying; disturbing that human beings would do this to their own brothers. In the name of what, peace? Islam? I don’t know but it is manifest detestable cruelty. From WMD feared in police poisoning:

Hundreds of Iraqi policemen fell sick from poisoning tonight at their base in the southern part of the country after the evening meal breaking their daily Ramadan fast, raising fears of a new type of terrorist attack – perhaps even involving chemical, biological or nerve agents.

An official with the Environment Ministry said 11 policemen had died. That report was contradicted by the governor of Wasit province where the poisoning took place. He told the Associated Press some of the victims were in critical condition.

Some of the policemen reportedly began bleeding from the ears and nose immediately after the meal, said Jassim al-Atwan, an inspector for the Environment Ministry, who was serving as a liaison in the investigation between the Health Ministry and the base, located in the town of Numaniyah.

“Hundreds of soldiers were poisoned after taking food and water in the iftar,” Wasit Gov. Hamad al-Latif told AP, referring to the meal that breaks the sunrise-to-sunset fast during the Islamic holy month. “Investigations are under way to determine the cause.”

The suddenness and severity of the mass poisoning immediately raised fears of a new kind of terrorist attack for the nation of Iraq where weapons of mass destruction have not been used since Saddam Hussein was in power.

The policemen stricken were mostly Shiite officers. In the past Sunni terrorists have targeted police and military forces with bombings and shootings.

Between 600-700 policemen were affected to varying degrees. Al-Atwan told AP those who ate the most died. Some of the soldiers collapsed as soon as they stood up from the meal, others fell “one after the other” as they headed out to the yard in the base to line up in formation, al-Atwan said.

Where is the outrage, Kofi, you useless fraud. I am so glad your term at the UN ends this year. Good riddance.

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