A horrible crime has been committed in Jersey City, NJ

Folks, authorities are exploring whether the slaughter of a Coptic Christian couple and their two daughters in their Jersey City home this past week was the result of an argument in an Internet chat room. Each member of the family was gagged and had their throats slit.

One of the victims, 47-year-old Hossam Armanious, spent some of his spare time in chat rooms devoted to the Egyptian religious sect, at times proselytizing and at times writing about persecution of Coptic Christians by Muslims, family friends said.

Folks, is this the first American family to be slain by Islamofascists?

Ali Sina of Faith Freedom on the New Jersey murders:

“Last year a big part of the news in America was about a basketball player and his escapade with a woman who first solicited to have sex with him and then accused him of rape. The news was all over the media. Why such silly incident should be newsworthy is not clear. But the whole accusation and trial was televised and broadcasted by every single media outlet in America ad nauseam. The same circus was played in the case of the pop singer Michael Jackson and his child molestation charges. His trial received as much coverage as the presidential election.

But last Friday a whole family of four was slain in their own home. Their throats were slit. They were stabbed and brutally murdered. Yet no one said a word. An Egyptian American man 47, his wife 37 and his two daughters 16 and 8 were all found dead, soaked in their own blood at their New Jersey home today. The jewelry was not missing. Burglary has been ruled out. The police suspect only one motive: “religious hate”.

The Father, Hossam Armanious, spent some of his spare time in Internet chat rooms debating about religion and speaking out against the Islamic persecution of the Coptic Christians in his native country Egypt .

About two months ago, when he made a comment in a Paltalk chat room, he was threatened.

“Some Muslim guys said if you don’t stop this, we’re going to come out and kill you,” said a family friend. To which he responded: “Here is America , I am free to say whatever I want”.

Armanious could not be more wrong. When he found out that even in America he was not free to speak his mind, it was already too late. He was stabbed to death, his throat was slashed and his entire family was butchered.

But amazingly, the media did not find this horrendous crime newsworthy. Except a few, none of them had any word about it. Not a squeak was heard from CNN; no mention of this on ABC, CBS or any other big media outlet!

Is it that the big American media already know what Armanious did not know? Are they afraid to report this carnage? Have they already convinced themselves that even in America you are not free to speak your mind and the first amendment is baloney? Or perhaps they have sold their soul to the devil of political correctness?

The NBC news reported “authorities were investigating whether a former tenant, who had had a dispute with the family, was involved.” There is no mention of the death threat in their report.

A dispute with a former tenant!? Do people kill an entire family over a past tenancy dispute? What kind of person can slash the throat of an eight year old child for a dispute over a few hundred dollars? Are the reporters in NBC stupid or do they think their viewers are stupid?

The abclocal.go.com reported: “With no signs of forced entry or robbery, detectives suspect the victims may have known their killer. But at this moment, still no motive or suspect in this heartbreaking case.”

But this is a lie. The authorities HAVE some clue about the motives.

The nj.com reported the full story: “An uncle of Armanious’ wife, Amal Garas, said yesterday that detectives told him they were pursuing the chat room argument as a possible motive for the slayings. The uncle, Milad Garas, was one of many family members interviewed by police Friday. “One detective said this was his theory,” the uncle said.

The local northjersey.com reported “Islamic extremists may have murdered four members of a Coptic Orthodox family”

And the newyorkpost.com titled its article “Islamic Hate Eyed in Slays”

The rest of the media did not even report the carnage. These media moguls who kill to report about the sex scandals of celebrities were shamefully silent over this horrendous crime. Those few who reported it did not dare to say a word about the possible suspects.

Has America already become a dhimmi nation? Are the big American media afraid of the Islamists? Do the reporters fear for their own lives? What is the explanation of this silence? How many more death you need before you wake up and realize our freedom in America is hijacked? How many more innocent people should bathe in their own blood before you realize we are no more free in our own homes and the first amendment does not exist anymore? If today, Muslims with less than 2% of the population, can intimidate you to the extent that you are afraid to report their crimes, what will befall on you (and us) if their number is allowed to grow to 10%

What happened to American justice? What about the slogan “Don’t tread on me”? Well America, you have been treaded on big time. What are you going to do about it? When are you going to stand up and say enough is enough?

Please write to the media, call them on the phone and demand them to cover this story truthfully. We do not want them to judge and condemn the Muslims for this crime. But Muslims are the only suspects. Why not report this? If they can report about a dispute with an ex tenant, which is ludicrous, why can’t they report the death threat? What is the significance of this cowardly silence?”

Argument over faiths probed in killing of 4

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